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Can Trump deliver what Obama couldn’t?

March 11, 2017

Yes, you bet, I put my money where my mouth is already, yes, Trump will deliver, it’s in his ‘genes’ to deliver on promises. Trump is not Obama. Trump got rich in America, Obama got rich in government, Trump built things, Obama built government programs, Trump invested, Obama run welfare programs, Trump invested big, Obama helped your savings accounts make 1% more interest.

Why? It’s in their personalities. Obama is afraid to take risks. He is a passive person. Trump is a nationalist for America, Obama is an internationalist for the world, Trump is an entrepreneur, Obama is a bureaucrat, Trump thinks big, Obama thinks small, Obama loves a group that thinks like him,  he hires them.  Trump loves a group that produces real things – he hires them. The 2 men are so different psychologically like night and day, Obama is a socialist in disguise, a classic leftist thinker, a pacifist among wolves, a sweet simpleton among the sharks, a navigator of a huge ship who thinks he was a skipper of a small boast, in shot, Obama was the mistake of the unthinking minority voters in America. What about Trump?  Trump is hated by millions of insecure people because they fear the consequences when he says things outside the box. That is stupid because democrats are the very people who treat bad people with kindness and are not afraid of the consequences! They got it reversed.  Trump is loved by people who know how to connect the dots and kick ass as needed. It is terrible when you give money to terrorists like democrats do and then say either that “These are not terrorists, they can be nice people soon because I gave them money to go to school.” Republicans live in a world they way it is, democrats live in the world the way they want it to be. Democrats are paternalistic, so they keep you needy, republicans help you become independent. Leftists are collectivistic, rightist are individualistic. The difference between republicans nad democrats are night and day. Anyone who tell you otherwise is an idiot. don’t do business with him unless you want to lose money. Why do you think the “First Nation” in Canada never integrated? The answer is simple: It’s because Liberal governments are paternalistic?  I  could go on and on but I will stop here because as you know leftist readers can never learn a thing from a right-wing psychologist like me how to get a better life. As Trump would say in a twit – sad!

The next 8 years with Trump as president are good for 20 trillion $$$ more in the NYSE , absolutely great for investments. I am already in, are you? If you are a socialist or a democrat – probably not. All your energy in the next 2 years will go to save your seat in Congress. You will lose it unless you get some real value in your American life.  Make your values productively great!


Jack Dorsey: TWTR and SQ are my fraternal twins.

March 6, 2017

I am a successful psychologist-investor so you won’t find in my blog the usual standard analysis you are familiar with. This isn’t about picking up a new CEO off the golf course. Jack Dorsey is a founder! He started with a mom who believed in his IPO’s so much that she attended his openings.  TWTR and SQ  were dear to her that she showed up to his major publicity events. Hey, I have a wife and 4 kids and none od them ever show up in my office to ask me why I bought 5000 shares from Zuckerberg a few years ago!

I bought 5000 shares of Twitter when Trump used Twitter to win the presidency on the cheap (smart man).  I always follow innovators like Mr. T,  Dorsey, Zuckerberg, Jobs, the boys from Google. In my system TWTR at $10 below its IPO it’s a steal – I bought a 1000 at $16 this week, may be 2000 at $14 next week and may be even 3000 at $12, who knows? (I am very cautious). Jack will have to change Twitter’s management and create a money-making platform before I get too excited. He will, or he will have to sell T to the sharks at $10!

SQ is already a winner, I bought shares at $9 and $11 and it’s now $17! You see, the SQ device is an easy way for me to pay bills. I am in control. I spoke at  Universities of Rome and Valencia about psychology of economics; how 2 new variables, the human factor and technology could improve Adam Smith’s original economic formula. My point was that garden variety of mobile paying devices would not work well untill big complex mobile devices and the “cheats” leave the field in about 10 years (yesterday I wanted to tip only 10% in a coffee shop and the complex device in the hand of the server “forced” me to add 20% on my bill instead, and it wasn’t easy to cancel the transaction!).

Jack Dorsey has a future in the market, in my opinion. His Twitter device helped elect a smart president (I voted for Trump) and his SQ device helped save me 50 cents!


Did Obama wiretapped Trump Tower?

March 5, 2017

President Trump accuses Ex-president Obama in a Twitter twit this morning at 6 AM of wiretapping Trump phones at Trump Tower in New York City  during the presidential campaign of 2016. Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina said this morning in a Town Hall meeting that if Trump’s accusation is true it will be the greatest scandal in American history, greater than Nixon’s Watergate! An experienced psychologist like myself can assign a probability to the truth of the accusation and to the denial by Obama. Let’s find out:

President Trump did not provide evidence in support of his accusation and Ex-president Obama did not provide evidence in support of his denial of the accusation. It may be easy to find the truth soon because almost all communications is recorded nowadays by high-tech systems somewhere, but meantime let’s analyse the psychological probabilities of finding the truth (This system of analysing probabilities is based on System 1 and System 2 discovered by Dr. Kahneman who received the Nobel Price in Economics for his discovery of the systems in 2002).

FACTS: Left wing liberal president Obama wiretapped conservative Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu’s office when the Israeli leader was running for prime minister against Herzog the socialist. Obama preference for satellite Israel was the Labor’s candidate Herzog. Obama and Herzog (same losing ideology) lost because Netanyahu retaliated against Obama by bypassing the president and going directly to Congress. Chances are that Obama wiretapped Trump Towers as the same gambling strategy. Obama and this time Hillary lost because Trump retaliated against Obama by going directly to the American people bypassing the “swamp media.”

Why does Obama as president lose major fights? Obama’s passion since his youth was the Love of Socialism (distribute the wealth to the masses and get a few millions for himself). He failed on the first one. America was not built like the European Union (EU), America was built on innovation and investing and not on puny savings accounts! Obama from Hawaii was inexperienced coming to the presidency on the mainland, carrying with him a burden of a false ideology of getting freebies for the young, a leftist spending money ideology. And, appeasing enemies that kick you in the ass as a “Thank you.”. He hated with passion Teddy Roosevelt’s idea of “Speaking softly and carrying a big stick.” Obama was a great speaker and he liked to speak loudly and carry a small peaceful stick (Assad, Montgomery, etc.).

The chances that Obama wiretapped Trump during the election is high. I would give it 90% because Obama has a leftist fascist trait of being unwilling to compromise and unable to give in or give up. He is a “Sweet Fascist.” He will fight Trump the republican to the bitter end. Chances are (100%) that Trump will win it most, be reelected in 2020 and make the democrats the smallest political party in Congress ever! Trump’s personality is a BIG WINNER who are seen by liberals as a loser no matter how many wars he wins, it’s frustrating but it is a fact. Even when ISIS is gone Pelosi would say, “but it wasn’t Trump who did it.” Chances are she won’t be in Congress by then. Well, it’s a “Brave New World” folks and it is coming.

Final thought: In the 20th century it was right-wing fascism that killed people. in the 21st century it is Left-wing fascism that kills people. If you know Buddha you certainly understand BALANCE in human history, the bad guys of yesterday became the good guys of today and the good guys of yesterday became the bad guys of today. Thank you Trump for “cleaning the Swamp.” Please don’t underestimate how wide-spread and stinky it is! Donald, you are a good guy for America.

President Trump: Dodd-Frank has got to go!

February 7, 2017

2006-7: Bank presidents weren’t happy making millions, they wanted to make billions. They were paternalistic human beings – power makes leaders greedy when supervisors are not watching (This psychologist is not politically correct). Loaning money to poor people (who can’t pay back) feels good, but it’s poor thinking.  The banks collapsed without getting cash back but the bank presidents got rich from government bail money. The ensued recession forced the tail-end wimpy Bush and Newby wimpy Obama to beg the Treasury to bail out the banks and the collapsing economy, They are “too big to fail” help the giants in the name of “collectivism.” It takes a village to save a bank, they screamed.  The bank presidents who had made the millions breaking their own banking rules didn’t have to give back the extra money they stole by cheating. That wasn’t nice to do in a Collective atmosphere. No one went to prison. Instead, many CEOs got promoted!

Fable-minded or feeble-minded Dodd and Frank in Congress came to the rescue with a verbose new set of banking regulations that refused to focus on the problem: Smarter regulation of lending and borrowing, not more of it. Why? Because the 2 individuals assigned to the task in Congress, Mr Frank and Mr. Dodd were Democratic politicians, meaning very intellectual, very legalistic, verbose, polemic, heavy on analysis of every aspect of the banking situation, poor on understanding a crisis and possible consequences, not practical on solutions, anti punitive personalities with little understanding of individual and group behavior and consequences, overly forgiving traits, wimpy, in short, ineffective in focusing on the facts in a big financial crisis.

Here comes in president Trump, thank God,  a disliked republican no-nonsense businessman who could handle almost any crisis. Good, DT is not as likable and sweet as Mr. Frank, who loves globalism, paternalism, collectivism and doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.  “Dodd-Frank will be replaced by less regulations so banks can start landing again (This time with collaterals) to make America great again!” As a psychologist, let me add one footnote here about Trump: He didn’t say it but he implied it: “Don’t worry about the bankers, folks, they won’t screw up the American people again. Leaders and partners, of banking, businesses, even of good wifes, don’t cheat when they know someone up there (White House, home) is watching them and KNOWS how to think big, not complicated: HOW TO KICK ASS, and it isn’t anymore wimpy Bush at the helm, weakling Obama in the WH or sweet Frank and his buddy Dodd in Congress. It’s me, strong Trump!!

Trump invited Elon Musk to join President Trump’s new economic advisory board!

December 17, 2016

This White House forum will meet with the president frequently and provide ideas how to implement Trump’s plan to bring back jobs and Make America Great Again. Elon Musk is considered the proven Number One chairman-CEO in the United States today! He is the CEO of 3 great companies;  Tesla that makes great electric cars, Solar City that heats homes cheap and Space X that fly me to the moon, as the song says. Viva the United States. Donald Trump has a good chance to be the Number One CEO president of the United States. These two leaders are opposite attract. Trump believes that all kinds of energy productions must be tried and compete to prove who can produce the cheapest electricity. Musk believes only in photonic cells. He is right to believe that electricity generated from the sun and photonic light bulbs cells will provide the cheapest electricity in the future home. He is so right on target, wow! I already invested in Elon Musk energy, and more is coming.  I believe that Trump will listen to Elon more than to all the others on the panel. Elon may become the defacto energy Tsar of the United States on Trump’s second term in office!

I am a successful investor. The secret of investing for success is to get on the best bandwagon as soon as you can recognize who is the best chariot driver. Elon Musk and Donald Trump are planning big.  Elon retirement party will be at his home on Mars, while all other CEO’s will still be playing gulf on earth. President Trump is planning to make America great, while the immature democrats and their young voters are still lamenting the loss of Hillary. Why? Because Hillary was their ticket to parental entitlements. The republicans are independent and mature people, the democrats are still kids in the way they are thinking, afraid of leaving home without an allowance!

Thank you Trump for recognizing Musk’s genius energy plan. You just saved America from Joining the EU kindergarten. Get close to Brexit, dude,  the mature fellow who also quit the dependency club of London for individual freedom!

The Bull Market Is On!

November 28, 2016

I retired as an American professor of psychology in 1998. I became an investor in 2000 because a professor’s pension was not enough for what I wanted to do the next 30 years. I wrote 2 books on the psychology of investing because I discovered that many of the rules of investing learned in school were false. Many rules worked better for big investors than for small investors. For example, Mr. Bufett, the most successful investor in history said once that “Diversity was not a good rule to use for an investor who knows well how to pick winning stocks.” I was that kind of investor because good psychologists can always analyse CEOs and pick up the best CEO in Wall Street! So, I limited my picks of companies to maximum 10 companies that had super-CEO’s. In my book I called 90% of all CEO’s the “Garden variety that was plucked of the golf course.” I avoided them like a plague. Some of the super -CEOs that I adopted were Jobs, Page, Brin, Besos, Zukerberg and Musk. Than I discovered that not only Diversity was a bad rule for smart investors, I also discovered that Liquidity was a good rule only for the economy but a bad rule for the individual investors who wanted to maximize his income. Who doesn’t want that? As a psychologist I found out that many investors unconsciously wanted to lose money! Many used Kahneman’s System One to pick stocks, a disaster!  That did it for me because System Two was MUCH better. So, I called my broker and said, “From now on I would like you to only execute all my orders to buy or sell stocks without any warning, advice or comment, please!  I became more successful, develop bigger self-esteem and more self-confidence how to handle funds (I consider myself today just as good as Sue Orman, or even better).

The following suggestions will not work for most investors so please don’t follow my suggestions unless you are well-trained in my system and have followed my model since 2009 when my first book came out!  The bull market in on: That means that BLASH in on (BLASH means buy low and sell high). That means that i have to improve my system of decision-making process that will work like magic: Rule 1) I have to trust that Trump as a CEO of the country can earn for me a lot of money, if I can really do BLASH. Rule 2) I have to close all my savings account and open one investment account. The mentality of getting 1-3% per year interest for my money got to go. I must replace it with a mentality of getting 10% to 30% capital gain on my money. Rule 3) The CEO is always more important to my capital gains that any other variable in the formula of success. Right now I consider Alon Musk as the best potential CEO in the world. I am analysing his personality and his 3 companies as if it’s my next 3 PhDs. I am more than 100% serious about his stardom. Rule 4)  The zeitgeist is ripe for a bull market because of 2 reasons: Obama took the US economy down, close to a throw-away status, and there is nowhere to go but up. The wisdom of half the American voters saved us from Hillary’s poor skills of decision-making. Trump has the right ideas for a great economy!  If you were a leftist you would have probably stopped reading this posting a while ego. If so,  start questioning your economic values! Learn to make more money, dude. Good luck to every one.

The election and the market, up or down?

September 23, 2016


Up in the short run and down in the long run. Being a psychologist investor my predictions are based on rules of behavior. My basic rules (for myself only) are:

The rule of Americanism: The US beats the world in making money in NY because we have stability through a constitutional system. For example, 60% of Americans are in the stock market, 3 times more than Germans. We believe strongly in our economic future. We are optimists, the Europeans are pessimists.

The rule of elections: The Fed chief Yellen is a democrat. She will keep fed rates low for Clinton and raise them for Trump. This unconscious move may backfire. If  Trump wins the economy takes off, with Hillary it’s not that bad either. The long run looks good for the US. Patient investors who are independent mentally get rich.

The rule of volatility: It’s a “YOYO” market between now and November 8, depending on who is winning. I  “sell when high.” Apple at $115 is my good example for selling for profit. The long run planning run shift with Trump towards energy stocks, especially with  Elon Mask’s 3 companies.