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Is Trump Jerusalem plan leading to peace or disaster?

December 7, 2017

As an 81-year-old retired psychologist who started as an immigrant in New York City in 1960, with no money, job, girlfriend, education or even English, I have it all at 81 for many years. Don’t throw away a great future if you are too emotional against Trump. He is a winner, follow him despite of yourself! Always follow real winners, not people who just look like winners because they shout or make great speeches.  You can earn the skills to make decisions that work 99 times out of 100! Something to look forward to, isn’t it? Here is what you can learn scientifically in deciding whether Trump is making decisions about Jerusalem that work for humanity or don’t work for humanity?

Dr. Kahneman who got a Nobel Price in 2002 says, “People make decisions on the basis of System One or System Two, or both.” System One decisions are heuristic and System Two decisions are realistic. What are Trump’s decisions? Heuristic or realistic? President Trump decisions are realistic. They earned him billions of dollars, he built many beautiful buildings and recreation parks, he even became president of the United States! You are stupid if you think that he is stupid, even though it looks that way to some. Let’s put it in a scientific way, “Don’t think System One alone when you make your own decisions about leaders. Please, don’t be a loser, you can do better. I know, you don’t like Trump, fine, but don’t mess up your decision-making process and stay poor because you don’t like your leader! Millions do that in Africa. Trump decision about Jerusalem and the peace process are good for humanity, they free people to worship.  Except, for emotional people who don’t have much because they insist on thinking heuristically.  Good luck changing emotions to thinking!


Bitcoin is here to stay, but…here is the rule that people ignore!

December 4, 2017

I am surprised that friends ask me about Bitcoins, I am a psychologist not an economist. But, here is my take: Humans invented “Mediums of Exchange” since Neanderthal times. First they started with Abyssinian hunting rocks as medium of exchange for other things, than they moved to spices, then gold, then regular coins (The key to all economic exchanges!), credit cards and now Bitcoins (in 10,000 it will be ” Thought coins”!). A bitcoin is a computer generated digital “credit card.” If you have a Visa card, you can buy things on credit and pay back at the end of the month or on instalment. The retailer pays VISA 2% for the use of the card, VISA pays you 1% as “cash back.” The retailer gets more paying customers and makes a bigger profit. Everyone is happy. The smart consumer gets “free money case back” and “free credit,” the retailer gets more paying customers meaning “Free extra money,” VISA company gets the 1% “user fee” plus nice interest when you can’t pay the full amount at the end of the month (The poor pays high interest and the rich get free money).

Here comes the government and issues “regular money.” Everyone copies it with “Their Money” (Bond, shares, corporate credit, coupons, Bitcoins, etc). You get a secondary market, economy expands, people are happy, but…here is the rule people ignore: Bitcoin is your VISA without your card! Bitcoin is an electronic VISA. It is Based on a password! Maybe in a 100 years your password securing your bitcoin account will be 100% secure but not today. Think! The internet doubles in power every year! It is as stable as a baby that doubles in size every year. The problem with humans is that they can’t discern the difference between virtual money and real money, it is all calculated in before it comes out! Do you want to be rich? OK, anticipate things accurately! I can, can you? Which bitcoin company will prevail? Is Elon Musk do great things in 30 years? Did you know about Apple and Steve in 1998? When you marry that guy, do you know for sure he is the guy for you in 2040 too? We pay in the US for terrible education: They never show you how to anticipate anything! Read about “System 2” in Google. Bet you never heard of it? Change, and you’ll be rich. Buy Bitcoins when your great-grandchild turns 50! They will be safe.

The case of Michael Flynn is shocking if you know the truth!

December 2, 2017

Here are the facts: Michael had a high IQ as a child and was the most ambitious kid out of 8! He came from a poor Catholic family and realized early that the US army gave smart kids opportunities to rise in the world. He joined the ROTC, earned a BS in Intelligence services and became a second lieutenant. He rose in the ranks by being obedient and accumulated many medals for being smart, even an honorary doctorate. President Obama gave Michael his third Star and appointed him chief of intelligence. He fired him in 2014 when he realized that Michael has changed with power – he became disobedient! He was influenced in the army by his superior – General Stanley McChrystal. Michael became – a rebel, opportunist, different, maverick, outspoken, following in the footsteps of General Stanley McChrystal, an admirable independent American General that politicians hated to promote!  In 2016 Obama warned the incoming president Trump against making Michael chief of intelligence because Michael stopped listening to Obama bad ideas in 2014. Trump hired Michael to chief of staff of the White House in 2017 and fired him after 3 weeks! Why?

Obama wanted to be president until January 20, 2017. Trump was elected president om November 8, 2016. These 2 men are so different, like night and day. The UN scheduled a key vote against Israel for that period with the hope that president Obama and president-elect Trump will fight to death in the US over Israel rights in Judea and Samaria (The West Bank), the place that one day will trigger WWIII! Obama won twice. Israel lost in the UN and Michael Flynn was kicked out (He fought hard for Israel and Obama didn’t like it). Why Trump who fought the UN lose? 5 reasons, 1) He was only a president-elect in December 2016 without legal power to veto the UN resolution against Israel, 2) Obama refused to use his presidential veto in the UN to support Israel, 3) The US Supreme Court concurred with Obama, 4) Israel herself and American Jews were ambivalent about supporting the veto in the UN, 5) Michael was getting in political trouble because as a General he didn’t understand his role in politics, and 6) Trump, as a business man, didn’t understand how to use his personal power as president-elect against the legal powers of Obama as president for another month.

Let me add as a psychologist that, 1) The US Constitution framers didn’t understand that left thinking presidents and right thinking presidents are different like night and day, and 2) The transition period between November 8, 2016 and January 20, 2017 need to be rewritten in a new Amendment to the US Constitution, minimizing the powers of the leaving president and maximizing the powers of the in-coming president!



Why do men harass women in congress, workplace, church, mall or home, and what to do about it?

November 27, 2017

First verify! if he is a congressman or a senator and one woman complain about his behaviour 20 years ago – forget it! If he is a congressman or a senator and 5 or more women complain about his behaviour this year or last year – call the district attorney in his congressional district or the attorney general office in the state he is a senator from and register a complaint.

Let’s say the law or the voters brought these individuals to justice. How does society prevent these unacceptable sexual behaviours from happening in the future? Two way; the short way and the long way:

  1. The short way: Punish the individual offenders and publicize it; Fine him, fire him, jail him, ostracize him, don’t cover it up for the sake of the family or company, don’t be politically correct about what he did, make his life uncomfortable that at least 20% of other men who thought of doing what he did will change their mind.
  2. The long way: Vote congress out and replace it with democratic and republican candidates who campaigned to triple the national budget for K-12 schools: Increase the federal allocation of funds to K-12 school districts on the condition that they accepted and implemented an educational program called, “Educating for a basic standard ethical and moral behaviour.” The educational program will be developed by a commission authorized by and paid for by congress. The commission will be composed of 2 elected representatives, a man and a woman, from the educational department of each of the top ten Universities in the United States. These 20 experts will have a congressional approved budget and guidelines how to come up with the right program within a year!
  3. This suggestion comes from Dr. Elior Kinarthy, and educational psychologist (USC, 1975). The long way is the only way to ensure a 95% success rate in eradicating sexual harassment in American society by the next generation. Implementing both the short-term and long-term ways is ideal. This issue is not debatable on any blog because the sanctity and dignity of our mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, female employees, girlfriends and women in the street is sacred!


Warren Buffett said, “The more you learn, the more you earn.” True or not?

November 26, 2017

It is true, only if you learn the stuff that Warren teaches as is, it is not true if you learn the stuff that many self-appointed “experts” teach while you think it “sounds” as good as the stuff that Warren teaches. Many times it does it looks as good – but it doesn’t work as good nine times out of ten times. So, the answer to wealth accumulation is, “Learn how to make decisions that work.” It is not “rain or shine,” that simple. It’s confusing!

How do you make decisions that work? You start by making a decision to learn how to make decisions that work by reading only one book: Dr. Daniel Kahneman’s book Thinking: Fast and Slow. Read the book only ones but take notes about S1 and S2. Read all the sections on System 1 and System 2 five to ten times. Repeat reading these parts only until you have convinced yourself that if Daniel asked you to describe them in a conference you could do it to his satisfaction. You see, learning how to make decisions that work is not an ordinary learning. It is not a PhD learning. It is learning how to understand System 1 in order to be able to – ignore it in favour of implementing System 2!

By now, you should be able to probably understand that if I thought you guys a workshop on how to make decisions that work, most participants would drop out frustrated. Why? Because you’d find it difficult to delete Logic from the process of making decisions that work. The thing is that to make ten decisions that work ten time out of ten is not even desirable (never look for a coin with only one side). It’s impossible in most system but in Kahneman’s system you don’t even try it, your goal is to make ten decisions that work nine out of ten times. The king of the variance formula is Relativity and most investors are Newtonian! Sad.

My friend, if you really understand my posting above and could explain it well to a group of PhD’s –  people who are usually not smart about extraordinary ideas –  you are ready to invest and succeed nine out of ten tries!

You gain weight and lose weight with the same food!

November 23, 2017

I am retired now but check me out when I used to work with people to lose weight. I am a behavioural psychologist. Watch any 2 individuals in your society, one loses weight and one gains weight. Have them discuss it. They talk and come to a conclusion that is often logical but not true. “Our metabolism is drastically different” they say. Yes, to some extent but the real reason in not metabolism or eating very different food. The main reason is harder to accept, “How much of the “bad” food did you eat as compared to the other person? Bingo! Is this behaviour conscious? No. You may eat the same food, piece by piece, but check out the calories; one takes in 3000 calories and the other only 2000! Do an experiment, watch the difference in eating yellow cheese between the one who lose weight and the one who doesn’t. Estimate or measure weight, wow, it’s unbelievable! Mary and Jane ate the same pastries, those pastries, Mary ate 10 and thought she was eating 6, her friend ate 5 and thought she was eating 3. In reality it is all a question of how many calories Mary took in this year and how many calories Jane burnt with exercise. On the average when people are asked to estimate how many calories they consumed, it turned out to be 33% less than what they – consumed! When they were asked to measure how many calories they ate – they ate 33% more calories per day than they estimated. The moral of the story is simple: Don’t estimate, buy a scale!

Where is your coffee without a heartburn?

November 23, 2017

It’s right here. Read. I go back home to Tel Aviv every winter. The temperature hovers around 15 Celsius. I drink “Mud Coffee” every morning. The coffee is not acidic and I don’t get heartburn. I love living in Canada the rest of the year. I drink regular coffee drink coffee occasionally. The coffee is acidic and I get heartburn. I start thinking. I notice that I don’t have a heartburn when I drink Turkish coffee in Canada, the drink Israelis drink in Tel Aviv. It is not acidic. I do get heartburn when I drink American or Canadian coffee. It’s acidic.  Time to do an experiment. I love doing experiment because I have a PhD – a research degree.

I bought a pack of Turkish coffee in Tel Aviv before I flew back home to Canada in March. I found out that I could buy the same Elite Turkish coffee in Canada. So, the only thing left to do is make the “Mud Coffee.”  “‘ Bots” is the coffee that doesn’t give me a heartburn but stimulates my energy level very well.

Instructions: Open a  Turkish coffee pouch, smell the aroma. Put a spoonful of fine Turkish coffee powder in a warmed empty cup. Pour in hot water right after the water had boiled. Cover. Wait a minutes. add warm milk to taste. Mix. Wait another minute for the coffee powder to sink and form “bots.” The word means “mud” in Hebrew. Drink your “Mud Coffee” (Cafe’ Bots) with an English scone to your heart’s delight. What a wonderful way to start a Jewish day with Turkish energy in a Canadian Kitchen. It tastes Global if you are not Jewish.