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President Trump, hire a psychologist and learn about decision making (Dr. Kahneman’s System 2).

November 20, 2017

If you weren’t president I as a psychologist wouldn’t suggest that you read about System 2 decision-making. But, you are good for my country but must get better. you will be reelected in 2020 if you reward only good behaviors!. So, here is the cardinal rule that you violated in China: You rewarded 2 American UCLA basketball players for stealing! Please don’t minimize your wrong behavior like the 3 players did their wrong behaviour. The price you paid for your mistake is their poor reaction to your generosity of saving them from 12 years in a Chinese jail! They have no idea the harm it would have done to their future yet they didn’t appreciate what you did for them. Mr. President, don’t be a leftist. save all future good deeds that you could do for people as your “Ace Card” to use as a reward for good behaviour. Don’t use you power as president to reward someone’s bad behaviour ever again!!! Period!!! No excuses!!! Hire a psychologist if you don’t get it !!!! You can learn from your mistake, I know it!!! I hope!!!!  The proof may be in your withholding moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem until Netanyahu’s behaviour  deserve a reward! Be careful, don’t let your mind, Mr. president, trick you. Read about Thorndike’s Law of Effect. Any bad behaviour on this planet today happens because a “significant other” rewarded it. Good luck, Donald, I still believe in your work to make American great, but to succeed you must reward only good behaviours from now on!!!!, go with your psychological knowledge, not your heart!


Who is a Jew?

November 17, 2017

You have read my last posting Who is an Israeli? you are ready to find out Who is a Jew? (my version);

Aristotle, one of the thee founders of “language meaning” said that you can look at every definition with an analog mind (most people), comparing something to something similar already established, or you can start from ‘ground zero” what he called “original principles.’ Let’s find out what a Jew (or a Jewish State for that matter): Is Jewish a religion? Yes. You have to practice some Jewish holidays to be a Jew. Do you have to believe in a Hebrew God to be a Jew? Yes, some divine entity.  Do you have to be a Zionist to be a Jew? Yes, you have to believe in the Jewish Holy land to be a Jew. Circumcision? Yes, you must a circumcised to be a Jew. you must have a Jewish culture of some sort? Yes, including Hebrew language, music, art, rituals, folklore. Keeping Kosher? Yes, to some extent. Live in Israel? No, but keep in touch in some personal ways. a Jew is a person who feels Jewish and identify himself as a Jew and behave in some Jewish ways.

Who is a Jew?

November 15, 2017

Let us help the government of Israel and their judiciary committee define who is a Jew. To make it easier let’s first define who is an Israeli? That is easier to define because an Israeli is a nationality and Judaism is an ethnic religion. Let’s start with who is an American? An American is a citizen of the United States. An Israeli is a citizen of Israel. An American citizen must learn to read and speak English. An Israeli citizen must learn to read and speak Hebrew. An American citizen must know the history of the United States. An Israeli citizen must know the history of Israel. An American citizen must have documents to prove that he/she is a law-abiding legal citizen or permanent resident of the United States. An Israeli citizen must have documents to prove that he/she is a law-abiding legal citizen or permanent resident of Israel. An American citizen must live in the country, pay federal income tax, hold a job or do a legal productive activity and serve in the army if called. An Israeli citizen must live in the country, pay federal income tax, hold a job or a legal productive activity and serve in the army if called. Both American and Israeli citizens must behave in such a way that identifies them as living within the parameters of the culture of their country!

Who is a Jew? (next posting)

How do you feel about it: Right wing Israeli government bars BDS rabbis from entering the country!

November 14, 2017

Read this letter to the government of Israel, which had been signed by 212 liberal Rabbis in America:

“We hold diverse opinions on BDS. Even though many of us have substantive differences with Rabbi Wise and other rabbinic colleagues who support the BDS movement in some or all of its forms, we believe that your decision to bar Rabbi Wise from visiting Israel is anti-democratic and desecrates our vision of a diverse Jewish community that holds multiple perspectives.”

I would like to know what you think about the Israeli government barring Rabbi Wise and other BDS activists from entering Israel with the aim to boycot the Israeli economy from within?

As a conservative Israeli-American psychologist I would like to analyze for you the above letter signed by 212 Liberal American Rabbis. Is the letter right or wrong? 1). Do the Rabbis that support BDS really hold meaningful diverse opinions on BDS or do they all support the basic tenets of BDS of boycotting and disrupting Israeli products? 2) Do these liberal Rabbis believe that to be a democratic country a country must allow American religious leaders who want to disrupt its economy come in and do it? Or, this apply only to Israel, only Israel will not be de3mocratic if it bars BDS activists from entering! 3) My position as an Israeli is clears: Israel is highly democratic when it bars BDS people from entering the country, why? Democracy is a relative system. A highly democratic country would protect its economy (and citizens) from jealous disruptive outside elements! Only an absolute democracy would not do that – and will eventually disappear! Thank you. 

Left vs. Right: Are leaders indispensable?

November 10, 2017

Last night Virginia and New Jersy elected democrats as governors. Last year the United Stated elected republican Trump as president. The question are leaders indispensable is becoming important. The democrats don’t believe that leaders are indispensable, the republicans believe they are. Psychology researches the issue and finds out that leaders are indispensable. Investors pick up the stocks of companied led by Steve Jobs, bill gates, Besos, Page and Brim, Zukerberg and other indispensable CEO’s and make millions, democrats don’t believe that leaders are indispensable so they legislate government programs so some of that money go their way.

The world as it is today was created by indispensable individuals; Hitler, Stalin, Newton, Ben Gurion, Steve jobs, Moses, Jesus, Einstein, Marx, Leibnitz, Trump, Obama, good leaders and bad leaders. Democrats believe even God is replaceable, let alone governors of States, if not one then the others. That is why we have an economy because democrats buy stocks in companies run by “their” CEO’s, not the indispensable ones, democrats marry “their” spouses, not the indispensable one, and so on. Many republicans do that too, but among people on the right there is a greater tendency to be selective. They try to find the indispensable ones to connect with. Life is great when you make decisions that work. Virginia and new jersey made a misstate, electing indistinguishable governors that won’t make a difference in the lives of citizens in those States.

I invited in Elon Musk. Who did you invest in? I invested in Trump, did you vote for Hillart – or Bill for that matter? I voted for Kennedy, did you vote for Johnson? For Obama? For Bush, for other indistinguishable garden variety leaders? Think, start picking up the incredible leaders around for the – good life! You deserved the best because you know that all men were created in the image of God, but some men try hard the village raise their kid!

Left vs. Right: Is man indispensable?

November 10, 2017

“The heart of a wise man is to his Right and the heart of a fool is to his Left,” (10:2 Kohelet) (Book of Ecclesiastes). I just discovered this quote in the Bible and I want to open a discussion on my blog whether this quote in the Hebrew Bible applies to the human mind, human behaviour, religious wisdom, politics or decision-making success.

Psychology divides human beings into many dichotomous categories. one of these categories is nature-nurture and one part is profoundly fundamental: Left vs. Right thinking and feeling!

For the next few years my blog will accumulate psychological knowledge on the practical aspects of using left wing thinking vs. using right wing thinking to answer the Biblical quote from Kohelet!

Is man indispensable? Left: No!  Right: Yes!


November 6, 2017

The above is the title of the article in the Jerusalem post on Sunday, November 5, 2017. The article predicts the chaos that will ensued in Israel if the Jewish “Nation-State” bill is approved by the Knesset in it’s  present wordings. True. To have a bill that works you need 20 scholars at the wisdom level of the framers of the US Constitution. You don’t have such wise individuals in Israel today. Therefore, you need to wait untill you get them. How do you get them? Advertise all over the world for 20 Jewish affiliated scholars that can pass a test developed by psychologists within the Department of Education in Israel. Make it a competition process. Select the first 1000 scholars who pass the test to take a special program at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Then, make a more difficult test and select the 20 that pass that test. Have them sequester themselves for a month and write a constitution. Go through 10 drafts of that manuscript constitution until you have a good one. Then have a plebiscite of all Jewish residents of Israel! Bingo, you got a great interim constitution if approved for 5 years! Than, start the revision. The revision will include 5 individuals from the 3 branches of government. Then you get a permanent constitution that WORKS!