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My Life Story.

I was born in Tel Aviv in 1936. I dropped out of school after failing 9th grade twice. I felt like a failure, insecure, lonely. I didn’t date. I worked odd jobs. One day, my aunt introduced me to an older girl who aspired to be a psychologist in America! Wow! The pretty girl had self-confidence (!!!!), “My God, I could use some for myself.” At 24, I saved enough money to travel to America and enroll at UCLA, on the other side of the planet. The “culture shock” was brief. I studied hard, got good grades, and by the time I got my BA in psychology in 1968, I was in love with the land of opportunity. In 1976, with a freshly mint PhD from USC, I represented Westwood Psychometrics, Inc. in Israel and had my first article published in Yedion, a computers publication. I returned to Los Angeles, got married, again, and became a professor of psychology and parapsychology, writing and appearing in the Media. My motto became, “Never accept ‘I don’t know’ for an answer,” and “Climb the highest as an adult, as you were low as a teen.”  By 50 I had money, fame, a beautiful young wife, 3 sons and a daughter. I embarked on a scientific investigation of the Mysteries of the Universe we live in. Needless to say that in the next 24 years very few doctors in conferences responded positively to what I had to say, so I decided to ‘blog my stuff.’ My combined information on the Internet is enough to get you started on an amazing journey to love, health, wealth, and happiness. The key is to master Relationships. I shed light on how the Universe started (Astrophysics is right), how it will end (Astrophysics is wrong), how we humans originated (Anthropology is wrong), what is the best education (Piaget, Skinner, Pavlov are right), Life after Death (Bhagavad Gita has a clue), what is Spirit and Soul made of scientifically (everybody is wrong), and who is God – the scientific description only, please. Let the incredible blog roll. Namaste. 🙂

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    • July 22, 2012 3:09 am

      For me it isn’t about money. How would you go about attracting more people to read your blogs? IMy blogs are about helping people live better lives. More money is OK but it isn’t about that when you have enough.

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