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About you!

I have no doubt in my mind that anyone looking to make more money, improve their health or have more wholesome fun in living, would find my blogs and websites an amazing array of ‘maverick’ knowledge that does not appear anywhere else! Yes, nowhere else!

Your lucky day in the Health area would be, indeed, the day you visit me at Did you know that there is one hospital in California with a much more effective treatment for prostate cancer than Prostatectomy? Without side effects? And, a fun program to take if you have a cancer tumor to get rid of?

Your lucky day in the Wealth area would be the day you check out the website for my book. Did you know that economists did not get along with psychologists throughout the Twentieth Century? They still don’t want to accept the fact that investors who keep their money ‘liquid’ and ‘diversify’ their portfolios are less rational and would end making less money than investors with ‘concentrated’ positions who do not keep their money available.

You lucky day in the wholesome fun area would be the day you follow my two blogs and three websites until you find my incredible discoveries as a college professor of psychology and parapsychology. Did you know that happiness is an experience more than a good memory of it. Have you heard of psychokinesis, the third generation! You will be able to recreate yourself feeling happy most of the time if you follow forgotten rules!

Welcome to the realm of possibilities, the place outside our ‘box.’

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