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Obama and Keri don’t understand psychology

May 9, 2018

Be quiet, you two billbos not so bright politicians, please, it time for a great natural strong psychologist, Mister DT in the WH, show us what you can do with bad bad TRADERS.  Trump, you are our Schumpeter, the Harvard professor who predicted and designed American new USA for a great change in society. Obama and Keri are “losers” and even subversives. Fight them in the courts. Sessions got to go too, bring in the DoJ a Dershowich, another one from Harvard. Let Keri and Obama, who are not sufficiently educated enough go, go! They got us for 8 years and the world is much worse. They will change the US permanently, God forbid. Fight their stupid ideas about appeasement. Halifax in the USA, absolutely NO! The time for “creative desolution” of the last 8 years is here, is here now. The old order got to go. Is Keri a spy? What do you think?

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