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Trump, Xi Jinping, Besos, Obama, Hillary, get the players straight, for your life dude!

April 5, 2018

As a psychologist I will tell it as it is, Obama as US president was afraid to make tough decisions for 8 years so the US lost its world leadership, the American people suffered while Obama continued to make great speeches and be liked as a do nothing president. Xi Jinping saw Obama’s weakness and became an active president of China, took advantage of Obama’s fears of confrontations and made all the tough trade decisions in favour of China. The Chinese sold their products to the US cheap and bought little back. Xi put the Chinese workers to work and got elected president for life, Obama got the American workers welfare checks and make lots of dependent friends for life. Besos got into the act. He got rich like the Chinese by exploiting Obama inaction about imposing internet taxes on the exploding Amazon internet sales! Besos sold everything on the internet and paid no sales tax. Amazon made investors rich.

Let’s be funny for a minute: God watched with alarm when Hillary Clinton got very close to becoming president of the United States after Obama. The US economy was “sick” by 2016 and needed an “opposite of Obama, not a continuation of Obama through Hillary.” Trump, the second Teddy Roosevelt got in as president, and he started “Kicking all the exploiters.” Now, all these exploiters, whether it was Xi from the outside or Besos from the inside, said, “No problem, no body likes Trump, everybody is jealous of his success as a businessman, but we can handle him, the fake media is with us, we still have Hillary for speech, social Justice is active and Obama’s eloquence still here. The illegals are still coming, the masses will put on the pressure on Trump in the streets, he will fail, etc.”

Let’s be even funnier for the next 7 years: By God, Trump did it, big time. Internet retailers are paying taxes, the small businessmen in America are saved, the Chinese trading with America is about 55/45 (and they are happy about being 10% ahead. How did Trump do it?), the media complain about Trump giving the Chinese a 10% advantage, the Russian Putin is behaving nice and is a frequent guest in WH dinners, congress is investigating the 10th collusion with the Russian. My God, life is good. Poor Madonna, she still hates Trump so much! She moved to Canada till 2024! The Jews still vote Democrats. The Israelis built a Trump Tower in Kikar Zion! Humous taste has improved. God is resting!

There is hope in the air. I will write about the soul!

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