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His name was Dr. Ralph Steineman, MD, and his story was almost as incredible as mine!

March 20, 2018

This story is half fiction and half true. Dr. Ralph Steineman, an Oncologist from Victoria spent a week in Vancouver in 1973 with his friend Dr. Smith, a professor of immunology at UBC. They were writing a paper on the relationship between red and white blood cells in a human body Type AB. At 4 PM just as they were closing the medical lab, Dr. Steineman playfully drew a drop of arterial blood and glanced in the microscope, something he has done many times since they started their study of blood samples a year before. The white blood cells moved and formed a circle around a slightly larger white blood cells that looked differently. The cells had tiny extensions forming. ‘looks like a dendritic neutron in the brain,’ he said. Smith just stared. They closed the lab and went to their usual pub. They were both Irish, although Ralph was also Jewish. St. Patrick is next week,” Smith said.
At night Ralph dreamt that the “dendritic” blood cell was really different from all the white others. It looked black in the dream. This was a weird dream, a dream psychologists call “racial” dream, sometimes call “precognitive” or “premonition.” This dream seem deep, weird, primordial and vivid.  “it must not appear in my report,” he said to Smith in the morning. “why?” asked Smith. The cell was a Freak, it had 2 arms,2 legs and a long head.” They rushed to the lab to find out if Ralph’s first impression from the night before was true. Smith took the key, opened the door and looked at the microscope. The cell was dead. the human form of the weird cell dissolved and did not look like a WBC or a nerve cell. It looked like a blood clot. “We lost the data,’ Ralph said, “I can only speculate, the cell seemed greyish and had many short extensions all around like brain Dendrites and a few long ones that looked like axons, like a nerve cell in the brain, but certainly different, like an alien cell from another planet.” Smith looked at him intently. (to be continued).

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