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One year later: Did Trump made the economy better?

December 26, 2017

The liberals say No, the economy got better before he became president. The conservatives said Yes, his tax cut and super leadership did it. Who is right? The conservatives! There is a psychological finding that says, “Liberals believe that Trump is not indispensable and conservatives believe that Trump is indispensablee.” Let me explain it for the benefit of the readers of my blog. People of the left believe that leaders are dispensable, if not George Washington there would have been another man, if not Steve Jobs another guy would have started Apple just as good, if not Hitler another evil man could have killed 6 million Jews, these idiots say it’s OK to pick up a CEO for your company off the gulf course, they are all experienced. In blunt words, leftists are losers! I bought shares because of Elon Musk and my leftist friend said, “Anyone could start Tesla and Solar City.” Idiots! Anything started by a group and not by a special individual, will be mediocre! guaranteed! The answer is, “Trump is indispensable making America great.” I voted for him, I also bought shares and voted for Bezos, Jobs, Gates, Zuckerberg and 10 other indispensable CEOs, oh yes, Jack Ma and Elon Musk too. And what about liberals and leftists, they bought shares in Smith, Jones, Kaka and Harry Doodledee, remembers the losers! Listen, do you want to be rich and successful in anything you do? Shed of your leftist characteristics, drop globalism, dispensable leaders, welfare, socialism. legalism, austerity, paternalism, EU thinking, government programs, weak defence, appeasement, rewarding criminals, Lord Halifax, Oh, yes, get rid of Chamberlains too, and so on, Elect Churchill,  you know the stupid ideas when you see them, drop them off, I don’t have to tell you, drop them off like a fly, they are no good for your good life. Make good money, instead. It’s a short life, enjoy it! Don’t open a savings account for 1% interest, open an investment account for much more, pick up indispensable CEO’s and start taking vacations. Life’s Good started by a Korean company. You own their appliance, LG!

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