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The unconscious conspiracy that dooms cancer patients to death!

December 24, 2017

I was different. At first I thought that radiation and surgery were the way to win. I didn’t think beyond X-rays and photon radiation. Hormone treatment worked until it didn’t and then they hit you with chemotherapy. I checked out the chiefs in Israel, Canada, Germany, all the same, wait a minute, an immunological in Cologne was different: Robert Gorter was holistic, he used everything that worked. I checked Israel, got a call from the chief oncologist in Tel Aviv, “The Gorter Model is not as good as you think, Dr. Kinarthy.” By now I am used to it, everyone is afraid of change! Losing money! It happened in Cologne, then in Athens and now in Tel Aviv, the unconscious conspiracy dooms cancer patients to death.” Not me, baby, I am alive, 5 MRI’s show no trace of cancer. The oncologists don’t get it. The really believe a third-rate therapy is  better than a first-rate therapy! It got to be the fear of losing livelihood. You can’t fight that. They got to eat. The establishment will not allow the Gorter Model to get into main stream cancer therapy. People will continue to die. Not me, so why do I care? I cry. They are good doctors, they really believe there are no better treatment than what they do!

As the saying goes, “If you can’t fight city hall, join it!” But not this time. You don’t support third-rate cancer programs. We will have a “Gorter Model” cancer treatment centre in Athens, rain or shine: Good people deserve to live!

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