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Why are the democrats and republicans as different as night and day?

December 21, 2017

I don’t think you’d believe it, unless you are a psychologist or very imaginary, so I will tell you the truth about republicans and democrats towards the end of this posting. I am afraid that if I tell it to you that now, you’d scream ‘No way, it’s impossible, I can’t believe it, doctor Kinarthy, you are crazy”!

Well, there are some differences between democrats and republicans that you can readily accept, albeit with a grudge or a surprise, for example, democrats open more savings accounts and republicans open more investing account or democrats like big government and republicans like small government (The psychological explanation for this one is what I leave to the end of this posting because it is shocking!). But there are some differences you know but can’t readily accept because they cause problems, for example, democrats don’t like borders (any borders, not just the Mexican border, for example, most doctors who join Doctors Without Borders (DWB) are leftists, democrats or liberal, never conservatives, there are no leftist republicans in America), more democrats than republicans cross the line more readily when it comes to sexual conduct, and so on.

I think you may be ready for an explanation why republicans like small government and democrats love big government, that will enlighten you and guide you with wisdom for the rest of your life. Freud said, “The child is the father of the man.” He incorporated his finding about kids as a cornerstone of Psychoanalysis in 1905? Here is your answer:  Children who would one day become adult democrats were raised to believe that  their group would normally make better decisions for them than they could do as individuals. Now you know why the democrats in congress cannot vote for trump’s decisions for American. They weren’t raised that way as children.

What happens when you raise a child to believe that the group he belongs to makes better decisions than him? (We see that in Israeli Kibbutz – maturation in the teens slows down!) (Piaget’s Abstract Operations Stage). The mental growth spurt of Individuation slows down. The average democrat cannot make mature decisions without group guidance and would prefer government authority to spend his money as “entitlements.”  Thus, you can say, “Democrats are not as mature as republicans in making decisions!” Now, go out and observe the democrats and republicans in congress and see if you agree with this psychiatric findings that republicans are more mature adults than democrats who are more like children who want government to distribute the “toys.”  Who do you want to handle your money? Government? A mutual funds manager? Absurd!

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