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Timing in Therapy: Time to learn about time!

December 12, 2017

I am a psychologist, always thinking about scheduling one activity or another, sometimes even believing that I understand human behaviour. It occurred to me an hour ago that timing in therapy was anxiety reducing during my career. I went posting this morning when I realized that timing in therapy was a huge anxiety reduced during my cancer therapy period. Here is it, ladies and gentle men. I hope the members of the committee to establish a Gorter Model clinic in Athens, Greece would read this posting before my dinner speech presentation on  January 8, 2018.

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2002. I had hormone therapy and radiation treatment for 9 years. The goal was to survive as long as the cancer tutor would be contained before chemotherapy sets in to “rescue” me or prepare for doomsday. This alopathic-reductionist-field independent medical approach prolonged my life until 2011, not bad for sweet patience like me who know no better way, which is the majority of the people too. Then I discovered the Gorter Model in Cologne, Germany, an immunotherapy using Dendritic cells, hyperthermia and massive infusions of vitamins, minerals and other ingredients. I expected another few years of stretched living until I realized that Dr. Gorter, immunological doctor was treating my whole person, not just my tutor! He was holistic par excellence. I didn’t say “I wish I knew what therapy to choose in 2002.” I am sane or rather mature in 2018 knowing that improvement in therapy choices come with age. They taught me that I had to learn about Time. No juicy apples would ripe before their time,” as the saying goes. Two years later I hear that I am in remission, mind you, not nine years later hearing my doctors saying, ‘There is nothing we can do anymore for you, except make an appointment for chemotherapy to give you a few more month – or even a year to live if you are lucky.”

Ladies and gentlemen, how did Dr. Gorter did this ‘miracle?” The best way to describe it is to talk about Timing in Therapy.” I flew in from Canada, nothing great about that timing, in a 100 years we could probably do it in 30 minutes, but not now. I walked into RG’s  MCC clinic in Cologne the morning October 17, 2011, full of anxiety about everything; Where would I stay? Why didn’t my wife fly with me for comfort? Would the people at the clinic be nice and supportive? Would the immunotherapy work? Would it be painful? Would I enjoy anything in Cologne? What would I do for fun in the evenings? How long would I be away from home in Canada? Would I have bad side effects? How much would it cost? Would I have to fly in every year? and so on.

I walked in and within an hour I felt happy, my God, my anxiety was down by 99% without any drug! How did he do it? He m must have been a “natural” psychologist. He hired caring people from 10 countries! They were helpful, human, supportive, you name it. It would take me 10 more pages to describe it but Let me just give you one example and we’ll move on. A lady, Mrs. Riccio was standing by the nurses counter. She hugged me. After a pleasant chat she became my landlord. She rented us a nice apartment near the most cheerful shopping centre in Cologne (You should experience their Christmas, starting on November 26!). The price was reasonable, came with a smile and a hug, all with Italian flavour. My anxiety was gone. It turned into  joy in ten minutes! You, see, it’s not hard to beautify your medical treatment with pleasant psychology. I know, I know, most clinics don’t do it. Sad. But one of the reasons I volunteer as a psychologist at the clinic is to continue the Gorter tradition of going the extra mile for the patient.

God bless all the people involved in the new MCC called Medical Centre Athens (MCA).,

Dr. Kinarthy

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