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Is Trump Jerusalem plan leading to peace or disaster?

December 7, 2017

As an 81-year-old retired psychologist who started as an immigrant in New York City in 1960, with no money, job, girlfriend, education or even English, I have it all at 81 for many years. Don’t throw away a great future if you are too emotional against Trump. He is a winner, follow him despite of yourself! Always follow real winners, not people who just look like winners because they shout or make great speeches.  You can earn the skills to make decisions that work 99 times out of 100! Something to look forward to, isn’t it? Here is what you can learn scientifically in deciding whether Trump is making decisions about Jerusalem that work for humanity or don’t work for humanity?

Dr. Kahneman who got a Nobel Price in 2002 says, “People make decisions on the basis of System One or System Two, or both.” System One decisions are heuristic and System Two decisions are realistic. What are Trump’s decisions? Heuristic or realistic? President Trump decisions are realistic. They earned him billions of dollars, he built many beautiful buildings and recreation parks, he even became president of the United States! You are stupid if you think that he is stupid, even though it looks that way to some. Let’s put it in a scientific way, “Don’t think System One alone when you make your own decisions about leaders. Please, don’t be a loser, you can do better. I know, you don’t like Trump, fine, but don’t mess up your decision-making process and stay poor because you don’t like your leader! Millions do that in Africa. Trump decision about Jerusalem and the peace process are good for humanity, they free people to worship.  Except, for emotional people who don’t have much because they insist on thinking heuristically.  Good luck changing emotions to thinking!

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