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The case of Michael Flynn is shocking if you know the truth!

December 2, 2017

Here are the facts: Michael had a high IQ as a child and was the most ambitious kid out of 8! He came from a poor Catholic family and realized early that the US army gave smart kids opportunities to rise in the world. He joined the ROTC, earned a BS in Intelligence services and became a second lieutenant. He rose in the ranks by being obedient and accumulated many medals for being smart, even an honorary doctorate. President Obama gave Michael his third Star and appointed him chief of intelligence. He fired him in 2014 when he realized that Michael has changed with power – he became disobedient! He was influenced in the army by his superior – General Stanley McChrystal. Michael became – a rebel, opportunist, different, maverick, outspoken, following in the footsteps of General Stanley McChrystal, an admirable independent American General that politicians hated to promote!  In 2016 Obama warned the incoming president Trump against making Michael chief of intelligence because Michael stopped listening to Obama bad ideas in 2014. Trump hired Michael to chief of staff of the White House in 2017 and fired him after 3 weeks! Why?

Obama wanted to be president until January 20, 2017. Trump was elected president om November 8, 2016. These 2 men are so different, like night and day. The UN scheduled a key vote against Israel for that period with the hope that president Obama and president-elect Trump will fight to death in the US over Israel rights in Judea and Samaria (The West Bank), the place that one day will trigger WWIII! Obama won twice. Israel lost in the UN and Michael Flynn was kicked out (He fought hard for Israel and Obama didn’t like it). Why Trump who fought the UN lose? 5 reasons, 1) He was only a president-elect in December 2016 without legal power to veto the UN resolution against Israel, 2) Obama refused to use his presidential veto in the UN to support Israel, 3) The US Supreme Court concurred with Obama, 4) Israel herself and American Jews were ambivalent about supporting the veto in the UN, 5) Michael was getting in political trouble because as a General he didn’t understand his role in politics, and 6) Trump, as a business man, didn’t understand how to use his personal power as president-elect against the legal powers of Obama as president for another month.

Let me add as a psychologist that, 1) The US Constitution framers didn’t understand that left thinking presidents and right thinking presidents are different like night and day, and 2) The transition period between November 8, 2016 and January 20, 2017 need to be rewritten in a new Amendment to the US Constitution, minimizing the powers of the leaving president and maximizing the powers of the in-coming president!



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