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Why do men harass women in congress, workplace, church, mall or home, and what to do about it?

November 27, 2017

First verify! if he is a congressman or a senator and one woman complain about his behaviour 20 years ago – forget it! If he is a congressman or a senator and 5 or more women complain about his behaviour this year or last year – call the district attorney in his congressional district or the attorney general office in the state he is a senator from and register a complaint.

Let’s say the law or the voters brought these individuals to justice. How does society prevent these unacceptable sexual behaviours from happening in the future? Two way; the short way and the long way:

  1. The short way: Punish the individual offenders and publicize it; Fine him, fire him, jail him, ostracize him, don’t cover it up for the sake of the family or company, don’t be politically correct about what he did, make his life uncomfortable that at least 20% of other men who thought of doing what he did will change their mind.
  2. The long way: Vote congress out and replace it with democratic and republican candidates who campaigned to triple the national budget for K-12 schools: Increase the federal allocation of funds to K-12 school districts on the condition that they accepted and implemented an educational program called, “Educating for a basic standard ethical and moral behaviour.” The educational program will be developed by a commission authorized by and paid for by congress. The commission will be composed of 2 elected representatives, a man and a woman, from the educational department of each of the top ten Universities in the United States. These 20 experts will have a congressional approved budget and guidelines how to come up with the right program within a year!
  3. This suggestion comes from Dr. Elior Kinarthy, and educational psychologist (USC, 1975). The long way is the only way to ensure a 95% success rate in eradicating sexual harassment in American society by the next generation. Implementing both the short-term and long-term ways is ideal. This issue is not debatable on any blog because the sanctity and dignity of our mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, female employees, girlfriends and women in the street is sacred!


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