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You gain weight and lose weight with the same food!

November 23, 2017

I am retired now but check me out when I used to work with people to lose weight. I am a behavioural psychologist. Watch any 2 individuals in your society, one loses weight and one gains weight. Have them discuss it. They talk and come to a conclusion that is often logical but not true. “Our metabolism is drastically different” they say. Yes, to some extent but the real reason in not metabolism or eating very different food. The main reason is harder to accept, “How much of the “bad” food did you eat as compared to the other person? Bingo! Is this behaviour conscious? No. You may eat the same food, piece by piece, but check out the calories; one takes in 3000 calories and the other only 2000! Do an experiment, watch the difference in eating yellow cheese between the one who lose weight and the one who doesn’t. Estimate or measure weight, wow, it’s unbelievable! Mary and Jane ate the same pastries, those pastries, Mary ate 10 and thought she was eating 6, her friend ate 5 and thought she was eating 3. In reality it is all a question of how many calories Mary took in this year and how many calories Jane burnt with exercise. On the average when people are asked to estimate how many calories they consumed, it turned out to be 33% less than what they – consumed! When they were asked to measure how many calories they ate – they ate 33% more calories per day than they estimated. The moral of the story is simple: Don’t estimate, buy a scale!

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