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Where is your coffee without a heartburn?

November 23, 2017

It’s right here. Read. I go back home to Tel Aviv every winter. The temperature hovers around 15 Celsius. I drink “Mud Coffee” every morning. The coffee is not acidic and I don’t get heartburn. I love living in Canada the rest of the year. I drink regular coffee drink coffee occasionally. The coffee is acidic and I get heartburn. I start thinking. I notice that I don’t have a heartburn when I drink Turkish coffee in Canada, the drink Israelis drink in Tel Aviv. It is not acidic. I do get heartburn when I drink American or Canadian coffee. It’s acidic.  Time to do an experiment. I love doing experiment because I have a PhD – a research degree.

I bought a pack of Turkish coffee in Tel Aviv before I flew back home to Canada in March. I found out that I could buy the same Elite Turkish coffee in Canada. So, the only thing left to do is make the “Mud Coffee.”  “‘ Bots” is the coffee that doesn’t give me a heartburn but stimulates my energy level very well.

Instructions: Open a  Turkish coffee pouch, smell the aroma. Put a spoonful of fine Turkish coffee powder in a warmed empty cup. Pour in hot water right after the water had boiled. Cover. Wait a minutes. add warm milk to taste. Mix. Wait another minute for the coffee powder to sink and form “bots.” The word means “mud” in Hebrew. Drink your “Mud Coffee” (Cafe’ Bots) with an English scone to your heart’s delight. What a wonderful way to start a Jewish day with Turkish energy in a Canadian Kitchen. It tastes Global if you are not Jewish.

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