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President Trump, hire a psychologist and learn about decision making (Dr. Kahneman’s System 2).

November 20, 2017

If you weren’t president I as a psychologist wouldn’t suggest that you read about System 2 decision-making. But, you are good for my country but must get better. you will be reelected in 2020 if you reward only good behaviors!. So, here is the cardinal rule that you violated in China: You rewarded 2 American UCLA basketball players for stealing! Please don’t minimize your wrong behavior like the 3 players did their wrong behaviour. The price you paid for your mistake is their poor reaction to your generosity of saving them from 12 years in a Chinese jail! They have no idea the harm it would have done to their future yet they didn’t appreciate what you did for them. Mr. President, don’t be a leftist. save all future good deeds that you could do for people as your “Ace Card” to use as a reward for good behaviour. Don’t use you power as president to reward someone’s bad behaviour ever again!!! Period!!! No excuses!!! Hire a psychologist if you don’t get it !!!! You can learn from your mistake, I know it!!! I hope!!!!  The proof may be in your withholding moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem until Netanyahu’s behaviour  deserve a reward! Be careful, don’t let your mind, Mr. president, trick you. Read about Thorndike’s Law of Effect. Any bad behaviour on this planet today happens because a “significant other” rewarded it. Good luck, Donald, I still believe in your work to make American great, but to succeed you must reward only good behaviours from now on!!!!, go with your psychological knowledge, not your heart!

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