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Left vs. Right: Is man indispensable?

November 10, 2017

“The heart of a wise man is to his Right and the heart of a fool is to his Left,” (10:2 Kohelet) (Book of Ecclesiastes). I just discovered this quote in the Bible and I want to open a discussion on my blog whether this quote in the Hebrew Bible applies to the human mind, human behaviour, religious wisdom, politics or decision-making success.

Psychology divides human beings into many dichotomous categories. one of these categories is nature-nurture and one part is profoundly fundamental: Left vs. Right thinking and feeling!

For the next few years my blog will accumulate psychological knowledge on the practical aspects of using left wing thinking vs. using right wing thinking to answer the Biblical quote from Kohelet!

Is man indispensable? Left: No!  Right: Yes!

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