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Left vs. Right: Are leaders indispensable?

November 10, 2017

Last night Virginia and New Jersy elected democrats as governors. Last year the United Stated elected republican Trump as president. The question are leaders indispensable is becoming important. The democrats don’t believe that leaders are indispensable, the republicans believe they are. Psychology researches the issue and finds out that leaders are indispensable. Investors pick up the stocks of companied led by Steve Jobs, bill gates, Besos, Page and Brim, Zukerberg and other indispensable CEO’s and make millions, democrats don’t believe that leaders are indispensable so they legislate government programs so some of that money go their way.

The world as it is today was created by indispensable individuals; Hitler, Stalin, Newton, Ben Gurion, Steve jobs, Moses, Jesus, Einstein, Marx, Leibnitz, Trump, Obama, good leaders and bad leaders. Democrats believe even God is replaceable, let alone governors of States, if not one then the others. That is why we have an economy because democrats buy stocks in companies run by “their” CEO’s, not the indispensable ones, democrats marry “their” spouses, not the indispensable one, and so on. Many republicans do that too, but among people on the right there is a greater tendency to be selective. They try to find the indispensable ones to connect with. Life is great when you make decisions that work. Virginia and new jersey made a misstate, electing indistinguishable governors that won’t make a difference in the lives of citizens in those States.

I invited in Elon Musk. Who did you invest in? I invested in Trump, did you vote for Hillart – or Bill for that matter? I voted for Kennedy, did you vote for Johnson? For Obama? For Bush, for other indistinguishable garden variety leaders? Think, start picking up the incredible leaders around for the – good life! You deserved the best because you know that all men were created in the image of God, but some men try hard the village raise their kid!

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