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November 6, 2017

The above is the title of the article in the Jerusalem post on Sunday, November 5, 2017. The article predicts the chaos that will ensued in Israel if the Jewish “Nation-State” bill is approved by the Knesset in it’s  present wordings. True. To have a bill that works you need 20 scholars at the wisdom level of the framers of the US Constitution. You don’t have such wise individuals in Israel today. Therefore, you need to wait untill you get them. How do you get them? Advertise all over the world for 20 Jewish affiliated scholars that can pass a test developed by psychologists within the Department of Education in Israel. Make it a competition process. Select the first 1000 scholars who pass the test to take a special program at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Then, make a more difficult test and select the 20 that pass that test. Have them sequester themselves for a month and write a constitution. Go through 10 drafts of that manuscript constitution until you have a good one. Then have a plebiscite of all Jewish residents of Israel! Bingo, you got a great interim constitution if approved for 5 years! Than, start the revision. The revision will include 5 individuals from the 3 branches of government. Then you get a permanent constitution that WORKS!

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