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The amazing psychological benefits from cancer treatment with the Gorter Model!

October 23, 2017

I am writing a book how the “Gorter Model” cancer clinic in Cologne, Germany saved my life, including the beneficial treatments I received in Canada. As a psychologist-patient I am helping Dr. Gorter and the Greek business and medical authorities evaluate the efficacy of bringing the “Gorter Model” clinic to Athens. It behooves on me to Illustrate the psychological benefits of this kind of clinic to an optimal prognosis:  The remission from stage 3 and 4 cancer and other “systemic’ diseases.

Category 1: The physical environment in the “Gorter Model” clinic is designed psychologically for healing.  My PhD (USC 1975) is about the relationship between a physical environment and learning. I think that I am qualified to illustrate how supportive is a Gorter Model physical design for healing cancer .”The clinic in Cologne looked like a lobby of a five-star hotel as I entered, The Nurses Station had 2 pretty and pleasant female nurses or receptionists and a good-looking male receptionist or attendant. On the walls I saw beautiful Dutch paintings on pleasantly coloured green walls, designer’s decor, beautiful curved furniture, many sofas and chairs to accommodate patients with IV’s or family gatherings, classical music, well stocked nourishment area, friendly nurses from the EU and other countries greeting me as entered or walked around, everything seemed designed to make me the patient feel relaxed and welcome. I felt the care in the air!

Category 2: The behaviour of the personnel at the clinic was focused on my needs as the patient. After a pleasant interview and registration I felt not only well cared for but also relaxed about treatments at the hands of smiling well qualified doctors and nurses from – a EU country or a place you know. Wow!

Category 3: The medical treatments took place in nicely decorated individual rooms with showers: Whole body hyperthermia, dendritic cell injections, IV drips, local hyperthermia and all other treatments I had very few side effects if at all. Feedback on progress was available.

Category 4: A nice apartment accommodations at reasonable costs was available in nice areas of town where shopping, coffee shops and social activities were close by. Help in finding the accommodation was also available from people in the clinic. I met my apartment manager from Italy visiting the clinic!

Category 5: I paid cash in the clinic in Cologne. However,  this category of Payments for the clinic in Athens may be designed in 2 modes: Cash or Insurance. The details are yet to be decided by a committee.   The cost of running a Gorter Model clinic is not cheap when you consider what it takes for them to do to save the lives patients with stage 3 and 4 cancer! We will evaluate any good idea about how to set up an insurance system to pay for treatments at the Gorter Model clinic. Please send your ideas!

Category 6: This posting by Dr. Kinarthy is his own ideas and has not been sponsored or approved by our group or any Greek authority. The project is still unfolding. I see 4 Phases in the making. We are still in Phase 1: Gathering information and ideas. Phase 2 may be Processing, Phase 3 may be decision-making and Phase 4 may be Implementation. I think the clinic may open in 2018 or 2019!

Take care, friends



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