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Fight cancer right away!! Save your life!!

October 20, 2017

“Cancer is treated more successfully when confined to one organ, but when cancer cells metastasize the fight may be over unless….”

The ‘unless’ … is very important. In my book Fighting Two Cancers (FTC) (The book comes out next year, hopefully to correspond with the opening of a Gorter Model cancer clinic in Athens, Greece). I state: “Don’t make my mistake. I was diagnosed in 2002 and almost died in 2011 because of “Watchful Waiting” (WW) in 1996! Let me explain:

I am a psychologist and my ability to be in denial of cancer is superb! I can rationalize the darned affliction and turn it into a “Rabbit that ate my broccoli,” that is how “cognitive” I am at self-deception, probably even better than you are! – but denial as a strategy isn’t healthy for any of us. My cancer grew from “a seed to a tree” until in 2002 I had to admit that I had that fa…en “tree” in my body! What did I do then? I chose what is considered in cancer medicine the second most popular thing to do when you have cancer – chose the easiest but least effective treatment program called the “Reductionist Approach.” RA is an allopathic therapy consisting of alternating treatments between hormone, radiation and surgery. I almost died in 2011 but I must admit that RT is great for patients with a “death wish” called the “Thanatos effect” by Ziggi (Dr. Freud from Vienna).  Most patients believe that if you have cancer, by definition you will live a shorter life than if you didn’t! You are a “statistic.” In other words, “Thanatos will get you sooner of later no matter what you do. That was me in 2002 but not in 2011 and certainly not now. That year I met Dr. Robert Gorter the director of the MCC who cured my cancer in 6 months with his “Gorter Model” treatment “magic.”

I am a strong believer in “Necessity as the mother of intelligence.” Not that we are not smart when we choose “reductionism” as a way of life, I can’t say that we are dummies when 95% of us do that! I did, and it almost cost me my life!  It’s just that when you limit the influence of Thanatos in your life – you limit “reductionism” and you become “Holistic.” What does that means? Oh, very simple…you perceive every “painting’ as “Field Dependent” and not as “Field Independent.” Go to Google, start your search, if you got what I said in this posting, respond! I would love to hear from you for the next 14 years till I am 95! Check me out. You may find me in Athens sometimes!”

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