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May 2, 2017

This one is my emotional right: It is a chapter in my book, The Psychology of Investing. It means that because the United States since its inception had saved the world from itself, investments in Wall Street work best! They do. America protected freedom in the world and spread democracy around the world more than all other nations combined. There is greater US influence on trade and other things forever, scientifically proven, get on the band wagon before it is too late. “Made in the US” will always show up best. This is a fact that makes most investment in America successful beyond any imagination. That is not acceptable by most “losers” who think they are winners, of course not, not ever acknowledged. As for my self, I am a very successful immigrant because I figured the magnificent USA early in the game of good life. I put it in my book big. Products and services coming from America have premium quality, acceptance, almost love. I laugh when my economist friends tell me, “Wait and see, China is taking over, Russian , Indian, these learned people are missing the psychology of earth. Without the USA the world would have been a bunch of dictators running around getting their heads chopped off by smart idiots. If you depend on America for money and freedom you got it right, if you depend on the world, watch it, socialist judges are coming to get your rights in the name of their rights to leftist fascism. Soon all the American universities will get back their first amendment rights to free speech. Why? Because this is America, we don’t regress too far or too long like other countries do. Bless God, America and Trump for damping Hillary. Thank God for giving us our right to freedom and prosperity back!

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