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A president who lived in delusion.

April 9, 2017

B F Skinner found out that the Law of Effect of Dr. Thorndike worked. Behavior is controlled by its consequence. He called Dr. Pavlov and asked his opinion. Pavlov said, “Yes, behavior is controlled by its consequences and emotions are controlled by associations. Skinner responded, “How?” Pavlov said, “My dog salivated to the sound of a bell today that rang yesterday while the dog was eating a piece of meat. Wow!”They conducted 10,000 research projects on that finding and declared, “Conditioning determines how humans live.” If you ignore this basis rule you bring disaster on yourself. Darwin said, “Right on, boys, you got it, awareness is survival of the fittest, those that figured out Conditioning get to eat and those that bite the hand that feed them starve. You reward bad behavior and punish good behavior and you are doomed. You bring disaster on yourself.”

Obama read about it and said, “Hogwash, boys, you psychologists are stupid, it’s all common sense, not Conditioning. We humans are above conditioning. I will trust Assad to get rid of chemical weapons and he will because I’ll be nice to him.” He did and Assad took advantage of Obama and screwed him up, stupid Rice and Kerry included. There are 2 kinds of people on earth, psychologists say, smart and stupid. The smart ones bomb the hell out of a leader that gas children with Sarin gas. He stops!  The stupid one listens to his mind and hear the promises, not the science of behavior, just promises to get off the hook. Obama believed that Assad will send his sarin gas to Russia just because, like kids would say, just because, stupid… because you asked him. Obama trusted the bad guys. Trump trusted his generals. Obama is out. Trump is in. The lesson is simple. Watch the consequences of your behavior, Socrates said, examine your behavior, dude. and don’t forget the associations and act accordingly. Don’t punish your kid at the dining table and creat his problem eating. We have enough obese people around, you stupid! The other day in the mall I saw a mother screaming at her kid, “Don’t scream at me,” she screamed. The kid screamed back, “You are screaming, mom, not me.” Is there hope for humanity’s awareness of itself? You judge!

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