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Can Trump deliver what Obama couldn’t?

March 11, 2017

Yes, you bet, I put my money where my mouth is already, yes, Trump will deliver, it’s in his ‘genes’ to deliver on promises. Trump is not Obama. Trump got rich in America, Obama got rich in government, Trump built things, Obama built government programs, Trump invested, Obama run welfare programs, Trump invested big, Obama helped your savings accounts make 1% more interest.

Why? It’s in their personalities. Obama is afraid to take risks. He is a passive person. Trump is a nationalist for America, Obama is an internationalist for the world, Trump is an entrepreneur, Obama is a bureaucrat, Trump thinks big, Obama thinks small, Obama loves a group that thinks like him,  he hires them.  Trump loves a group that produces real things – he hires them. The 2 men are so different psychologically like night and day, Obama is a socialist in disguise, a classic leftist thinker, a pacifist among wolves, a sweet simpleton among the sharks, a navigator of a huge ship who thinks he was a skipper of a small boast, in shot, Obama was the mistake of the unthinking minority voters in America. What about Trump?  Trump is hated by millions of insecure people because they fear the consequences when he says things outside the box. That is stupid because democrats are the very people who treat bad people with kindness and are not afraid of the consequences! They got it reversed.  Trump is loved by people who know how to connect the dots and kick ass as needed. It is terrible when you give money to terrorists like democrats do and then say either that “These are not terrorists, they can be nice people soon because I gave them money to go to school.” Republicans live in a world they way it is, democrats live in the world the way they want it to be. Democrats are paternalistic, so they keep you needy, republicans help you become independent. Leftists are collectivistic, rightist are individualistic. The difference between republicans nad democrats are night and day. Anyone who tell you otherwise is an idiot. don’t do business with him unless you want to lose money. Why do you think the “First Nation” in Canada never integrated? The answer is simple: It’s because Liberal governments are paternalistic?  I  could go on and on but I will stop here because as you know leftist readers can never learn a thing from a right-wing psychologist like me how to get a better life. As Trump would say in a twit – sad!

The next 8 years with Trump as president are good for 20 trillion $$$ more in the NYSE , absolutely great for investments. I am already in, are you? If you are a socialist or a democrat – probably not. All your energy in the next 2 years will go to save your seat in Congress. You will lose it unless you get some real value in your American life.  Make your values productively great!

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