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Jack Dorsey: TWTR and SQ are my fraternal twins.

March 6, 2017

I am a successful psychologist-investor so you won’t find in my blog the usual standard analysis you are familiar with. This isn’t about picking up a new CEO off the golf course. Jack Dorsey is a founder! He started with a mom who believed in his IPO’s so much that she attended his openings.  TWTR and SQ  were dear to her that she showed up to his major publicity events. Hey, I have a wife and 4 kids and none od them ever show up in my office to ask me why I bought 5000 shares from Zuckerberg a few years ago!

I bought 5000 shares of Twitter when Trump used Twitter to win the presidency on the cheap (smart man).  I always follow innovators like Mr. T,  Dorsey, Zuckerberg, Jobs, the boys from Google. In my system TWTR at $10 below its IPO it’s a steal – I bought a 1000 at $16 this week, may be 2000 at $14 next week and may be even 3000 at $12, who knows? (I am very cautious). Jack will have to change Twitter’s management and create a money-making platform before I get too excited. He will, or he will have to sell T to the sharks at $10!

SQ is already a winner, I bought shares at $9 and $11 and it’s now $17! You see, the SQ device is an easy way for me to pay bills. I am in control. I spoke at  Universities of Rome and Valencia about psychology of economics; how 2 new variables, the human factor and technology could improve Adam Smith’s original economic formula. My point was that garden variety of mobile paying devices would not work well untill big complex mobile devices and the “cheats” leave the field in about 10 years (yesterday I wanted to tip only 10% in a coffee shop and the complex device in the hand of the server “forced” me to add 20% on my bill instead, and it wasn’t easy to cancel the transaction!).

Jack Dorsey has a future in the market, in my opinion. His Twitter device helped elect a smart president (I voted for Trump) and his SQ device helped save me 50 cents!


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