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Did Obama wiretapped Trump Tower?

March 5, 2017

President Trump accuses Ex-president Obama in a Twitter twit this morning at 6 AM of wiretapping Trump phones at Trump Tower in New York City  during the presidential campaign of 2016. Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina said this morning in a Town Hall meeting that if Trump’s accusation is true it will be the greatest scandal in American history, greater than Nixon’s Watergate! An experienced psychologist like myself can assign a probability to the truth of the accusation and to the denial by Obama. Let’s find out:

President Trump did not provide evidence in support of his accusation and Ex-president Obama did not provide evidence in support of his denial of the accusation. It may be easy to find the truth soon because almost all communications is recorded nowadays by high-tech systems somewhere, but meantime let’s analyse the psychological probabilities of finding the truth (This system of analysing probabilities is based on System 1 and System 2 discovered by Dr. Kahneman who received the Nobel Price in Economics for his discovery of the systems in 2002).

FACTS: Left wing liberal president Obama wiretapped conservative Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu’s office when the Israeli leader was running for prime minister against Herzog the socialist. Obama preference for satellite Israel was the Labor’s candidate Herzog. Obama and Herzog (same losing ideology) lost because Netanyahu retaliated against Obama by bypassing the president and going directly to Congress. Chances are that Obama wiretapped Trump Towers as the same gambling strategy. Obama and this time Hillary lost because Trump retaliated against Obama by going directly to the American people bypassing the “swamp media.”

Why does Obama as president lose major fights? Obama’s passion since his youth was the Love of Socialism (distribute the wealth to the masses and get a few millions for himself). He failed on the first one. America was not built like the European Union (EU), America was built on innovation and investing and not on puny savings accounts! Obama from Hawaii was inexperienced coming to the presidency on the mainland, carrying with him a burden of a false ideology of getting freebies for the young, a leftist spending money ideology. And, appeasing enemies that kick you in the ass as a “Thank you.”. He hated with passion Teddy Roosevelt’s idea of “Speaking softly and carrying a big stick.” Obama was a great speaker and he liked to speak loudly and carry a small peaceful stick (Assad, Montgomery, etc.).

The chances that Obama wiretapped Trump during the election is high. I would give it 90% because Obama has a leftist fascist trait of being unwilling to compromise and unable to give in or give up. He is a “Sweet Fascist.” He will fight Trump the republican to the bitter end. Chances are (100%) that Trump will win it most, be reelected in 2020 and make the democrats the smallest political party in Congress ever! Trump’s personality is a BIG WINNER who are seen by liberals as a loser no matter how many wars he wins, it’s frustrating but it is a fact. Even when ISIS is gone Pelosi would say, “but it wasn’t Trump who did it.” Chances are she won’t be in Congress by then. Well, it’s a “Brave New World” folks and it is coming.

Final thought: In the 20th century it was right-wing fascism that killed people. in the 21st century it is Left-wing fascism that kills people. If you know Buddha you certainly understand BALANCE in human history, the bad guys of yesterday became the good guys of today and the good guys of yesterday became the bad guys of today. Thank you Trump for “cleaning the Swamp.” Please don’t underestimate how wide-spread and stinky it is! Donald, you are a good guy for America.

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