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Trump invited Elon Musk to join President Trump’s new economic advisory board!

December 17, 2016

This White House forum will meet with the president frequently and provide ideas how to implement Trump’s plan to bring back jobs and Make America Great Again. Elon Musk is considered the proven Number One chairman-CEO in the United States today! He is the CEO of 3 great companies;  Tesla that makes great electric cars, Solar City that heats homes cheap and Space X that fly me to the moon, as the song says. Viva the United States. Donald Trump has a good chance to be the Number One CEO president of the United States. These two leaders are opposite attract. Trump believes that all kinds of energy productions must be tried and compete to prove who can produce the cheapest electricity. Musk believes only in photonic cells. He is right to believe that electricity generated from the sun and photonic light bulbs cells will provide the cheapest electricity in the future home. He is so right on target, wow! I already invested in Elon Musk energy, and more is coming.  I believe that Trump will listen to Elon more than to all the others on the panel. Elon may become the defacto energy Tsar of the United States on Trump’s second term in office!

I am a successful investor. The secret of investing for success is to get on the best bandwagon as soon as you can recognize who is the best chariot driver. Elon Musk and Donald Trump are planning big.  Elon retirement party will be at his home on Mars, while all other CEO’s will still be playing gulf on earth. President Trump is planning to make America great, while the immature democrats and their young voters are still lamenting the loss of Hillary. Why? Because Hillary was their ticket to parental entitlements. The republicans are independent and mature people, the democrats are still kids in the way they are thinking, afraid of leaving home without an allowance!

Thank you Trump for recognizing Musk’s genius energy plan. You just saved America from Joining the EU kindergarten. Get close to Brexit, dude,  the mature fellow who also quit the dependency club of London for individual freedom!

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