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The Bull Market Is On!

November 28, 2016

I retired as an American professor of psychology in 1998. I became an investor in 2000 because a professor’s pension was not enough for what I wanted to do the next 30 years. I wrote 2 books on the psychology of investing because I discovered that many of the rules of investing learned in school were false. Many rules worked better for big investors than for small investors. For example, Mr. Bufett, the most successful investor in history said once that “Diversity was not a good rule to use for an investor who knows well how to pick winning stocks.” I was that kind of investor because good psychologists can always analyse CEOs and pick up the best CEO in Wall Street! So, I limited my picks of companies to maximum 10 companies that had super-CEO’s. In my book I called 90% of all CEO’s the “Garden variety that was plucked of the golf course.” I avoided them like a plague. Some of the super -CEOs that I adopted were Jobs, Page, Brin, Besos, Zukerberg and Musk. Than I discovered that not only Diversity was a bad rule for smart investors, I also discovered that Liquidity was a good rule only for the economy but a bad rule for the individual investors who wanted to maximize his income. Who doesn’t want that? As a psychologist I found out that many investors unconsciously wanted to lose money! Many used Kahneman’s System One to pick stocks, a disaster!  That did it for me because System Two was MUCH better. So, I called my broker and said, “From now on I would like you to only execute all my orders to buy or sell stocks without any warning, advice or comment, please!  I became more successful, develop bigger self-esteem and more self-confidence how to handle funds (I consider myself today just as good as Sue Orman, or even better).

The following suggestions will not work for most investors so please don’t follow my suggestions unless you are well-trained in my system and have followed my model since 2009 when my first book came out!  The bull market in on: That means that BLASH in on (BLASH means buy low and sell high). That means that i have to improve my system of decision-making process that will work like magic: Rule 1) I have to trust that Trump as a CEO of the country can earn for me a lot of money, if I can really do BLASH. Rule 2) I have to close all my savings account and open one investment account. The mentality of getting 1-3% per year interest for my money got to go. I must replace it with a mentality of getting 10% to 30% capital gain on my money. Rule 3) The CEO is always more important to my capital gains that any other variable in the formula of success. Right now I consider Alon Musk as the best potential CEO in the world. I am analysing his personality and his 3 companies as if it’s my next 3 PhDs. I am more than 100% serious about his stardom. Rule 4)  The zeitgeist is ripe for a bull market because of 2 reasons: Obama took the US economy down, close to a throw-away status, and there is nowhere to go but up. The wisdom of half the American voters saved us from Hillary’s poor skills of decision-making. Trump has the right ideas for a great economy!  If you were a leftist you would have probably stopped reading this posting a while ego. If so,  start questioning your economic values! Learn to make more money, dude. Good luck to every one.

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