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The election and the market, up or down?

September 23, 2016


Up in the short run and down in the long run. Being a psychologist investor my predictions are based on rules of behavior. My basic rules (for myself only) are:

The rule of Americanism: The US beats the world in making money in NY because we have stability through a constitutional system. For example, 60% of Americans are in the stock market, 3 times more than Germans. We believe strongly in our economic future. We are optimists, the Europeans are pessimists.

The rule of elections: The Fed chief Yellen is a democrat. She will keep fed rates low for Clinton and raise them for Trump. This unconscious move may backfire. If  Trump wins the economy takes off, with Hillary it’s not that bad either. The long run looks good for the US. Patient investors who are independent mentally get rich.

The rule of volatility: It’s a “YOYO” market between now and November 8, depending on who is winning. I  “sell when high.” Apple at $115 is my good example for selling for profit. The long run planning run shift with Trump towards energy stocks, especially with  Elon Mask’s 3 companies.



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