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Trump and the European Union are strange bed fellows.

August 26, 2016

Let’s cut all the crap and get to the bottom of it: Trump is a capitalist right-winger who wants AAPL and all the other American companies in Europe to come home. The European Union is a socialist authoritarian left winger entity that sees all American companies in Europe as cash cows to exploit and wants AAPL and all other American companies to stay where they are told to stay by Brussels and continue to be milked 24/7. AAPL in Europe is a smart “cow” that decided to move around from pasture to pasture to avoid getting milked too often. The EU, although it likes to think of itself as borderless for refugees, it restrict the movements when it comes to cash laden American cows.

It is interesting to realize that everything in economics is decided by political orientation of Left vs. Right! If leftist authoritarian Hillary gets elected president of the United States, AAPL will lose much cash in Europe. She will side with Brussels and say to AAPL, “Sorry AAPL, you are an American cow but I am ordering you to let the hungry European to milk you, after all it takes a village to raise a child. We have a tradition of democratic presidents saving Europe from itself. We are all globalists.” If rightist egalitarian Trump gets elected president of the United States, AAPL will save a lot of cash in Europe and America. He will side with the American people and tell AAPL to come home, “Sorry Apple, you are an American cow and I am asking you to come home. Let the hungry Europeans milk their miserable socialist cows that don’t produce much milk. We need American companies to come home so we can balance our budget. The EU will not reduce our 20 trillion dollars debt. We will.

AAPL replied: “Mr. president, we will come back home if you fix the American tax-pasture that Obama destroyed by stupid spending.”  (I hope you the reader got my analogy. Cash cows are American companies paying taxes. A good pasture is when the tax rate for business is cut by 50% for AAPL and others. “Political orientation is everything” means that the leftist household will save and spend foolish  and the rightist household will invest and buy smart (There are exceptions to every rule).


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