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Tesla Model 3, Yes or No? And more stuff…

April 9, 2016

absolutely There are 2 basic ways to analyse whether Elon Musk can deliver his Model 3 on time? No, he can’t, or,  yes, he can.  There are 2 basic ways to analyse whether a million people will get their Model 3 car by 2018? No, they won’t, or,  yes, they will. In fact, there are two fundamental personalities in human beings that determine how people look at everything (some variations), including how they look at the first Tesla EV (Actually how they look at everything, including he first Ford Model T, the first Apple Company that kicked out Steven Jobs by “mistake” of judgment by Board of skeptics, the first black president of  “Artzot Habrit” or “Countries of the Covenant,” what optimistic insightful Jews or gentiles call the United States. Let’s take the Tesla Model 3 as an example: These 2 personalities of people are an awesome dichotomy between “breaks” thinkers and “accelerator” thinkers, those that think the Tesla operation should slow down to succeed and those that are impressed by speed of 0-60 in 5 seconds. The best way that I can teach my readers about their personalities, as you are getting smarter every day you read my blogs, is by listing the dichotomies. Here are these 2 incredible ways humans look at everything: Skeptic vs. hopeful, those that say “No, Elon can’t deliver, CEO’s are not that powerful, there are too many unforseen obstacles,” and the hopefuls who say “Yes, if anyone can deliver its Elon Musk, he is a divine CEO, second to none, one in a million who can manage well Space X, Tesla and Solar city combined, a person who came from South Africa 15 years ago with $10 in his pocket and today he is sitting on 10 billion dollars! Let me list the rest of the adjectives in the dichotomy and I want you to find your self on the list and create a balance in your personality as needed: Here they are: A CEO is indispensable, the main reason you should buy a company’s shares is the CEO! vs. CEO’s are dispensable, if not Steve Jobs there will be someone else, if not Musk there will be someone else. Pessimist vs. optimist, left thinking vs. right thinking, liberal vs. Conservative, saver vs. investor, austerity program oriented vs. profit oriented, socialist vs. capitalist, evaluate things through fear vs. evaluate things through anger, private vs. public, open border believer vs. close border believer, wall vs no wall, multicultural vs. one cultural,” a nationalist  vs. internationalist, paternalistic attitue vs. willing to help but with conditions, spread the wealth vs. accumulate the wealth for yourself,family is sacred vs. family is not sacred, and so on.

My opinion: I am an optimist when it comes to Tesla cars and Tesla shares in the long ran. My reasons are, 1) Elon Musk is indispensable, and 2) The world transformation from carbon fuel to clean “sun fuel” is revolutionary, a most powerful zeitgeist!

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