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The Elon Musk story: A $100 rise in a single Tesla share price within the last few months!!

April 6, 2016

There are profound differences between the way I analyse stocks and the way most investors analyse stocks. I win, win, win. I leave the risky rules of economic analysis of market trends to others. I am a retired psychologist and I use rules of psychological analysis of market trends instead.  When a single share of Tesla hit the support level at $148  about two months ago, I activated a  BLASH System (Buy Low And Sell High). I followed a Piaget’s reversibility analysis within the framework of knowing the personality of the CEO.

The purpose of this posting is not to teach the rules of psychological analysis of market trends. That would take a whole semester! The purpose of this posting is to let my readers know that investing using psychology may be very profitable for people who know psychology more than they understand economics. There are about a 100 rules directly involved in psychological analysis of markets, CEO decisions, etc. I used a few in deciding to sign up for a Tesla car and about buying Tesla share, 1) Support level of $148, 2) Pattern of high/low fluctuations, 3) CEO variables ( Founder, IQ, Criterion Validity, facts, etc.), 4) Analysis of validity and sustainability of energy transformation from Earth to Sun), 5) The progress of the Nevada factory, 6) The feeble EV competition, and 7) The story of Tesla, Model 3!


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