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Could severe unemployment haunt us with Hillary Clinton in the WH?

March 2, 2016

“Stripping away the name calling and foul language, Trump offers a vision not of a hand-out society, where politicians bribe voters in the style of Roman emperors passing out free grain at the Colosseum, but rather a strong America that asserts its rights in global commerce.” (Morici, Moneynews).

This quote is his, the title is mine. Why am I so alarm? If I thought that black voters realized that African-American unemployment skyrocketed during Obama’s presidency (95% voted for him), I wouldn’t be so alarm. If I thought that 80% of black voters would not vote for an Obama’s copycat (Hillary), I wouldn’t be so alarmed. If I thought that black American voters understood that they hold the key to who is our next president, I wouldn’t be so alarmed. and, if I knew that black Americans read Morici’s quote above seriously and realized its truth, I could relax about the American economy in the next 4 years. It will affect all of us.

What happened? The world hated fascism so much in the 20th century that it developed  a scarcity socialist mind in the 21st, a mind that does not believe in its own productivity. The leftist mind believes that the hated American capitalism will save the world from Socialism’s own self-made poverty before it dies. How? Socialist economies devaluing their own  currency and “flooding” the US with cheap goods (The EU’s Euro and the Chinese Yuan are now cheap enough to flood the US with goods in order to save their economies). This Biblical size jealousy may succeed in destroying the productive US economy if Hillary becomes president! Hillary is like socialist Merkel the head of the still productive Germans,  two paternalistic grandmothers who may destroy their economies by feeding the unproductive world instead of deleting socialism and putting people to work. It is ironic that future black American employment is in the hand of black American voters. If you are smart read the quote above twice and vote for Trump. A good deal will get you a good job. Think of yourself as a potential PhD student: Get an A+ in Economics even if you don’t like the teacher in your classroom. Let’s make real deals that would make a difference in your employment!


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