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February 16, 2016

Soooo poor as a highschool dropout teenager in Tel Aviv that when the neighborhood kids went for ice cream after a sweaty basketball game I had to borrow a buck. At 24 I works odd jobs for a year to buy a ticket to go to America. When at UCLA I worked as an orderly at Ralph’s grocery store for $1.99 an hour. In 1975 I had a fresh mint PhD and worked as an instructor at a local community college saving half my salary for investing one day when I figured out how to do it better than the professionals! I took EST with Verner Erhard, the greatest self-motivator personality in the world, to figure out what to do and how to do it right. The best I could do as a teacher was a salary of $75,000.00 per year at age 55. Not bad for an immigrant.

Then came a few revelations that most investors don’t have, I realized that the stock market in New York was the best place to invest my money for big returns (I read that since the 1929 Depression the NYSE made an average of about 10% per year for her investors, rain or shine. The second revelation was that Shakespeare was only half-right, being a borrower is better than being a lender if you could get a big loan at the lowest-interest for the longest period paid back at minimum monthly payments, and the third revelation was absolutely awesome, follow the leader, once in 100 years a genius is born that either invents the wheel, starts the industrial revolution, build an APPLE computer and a smart cell phone, or makes gasoline obsolete. I started looking for them geniouses in 1990.

Steven Jobs started Pixar and Apple and I was there buying both for $14 per share. Then I discovered Besos and the Google brothers and did very well there too, but I was waiting to catch the big fish. EM arrived in California penniless from South Africa because he was tired of getting beat up on the way to school between Pretoria and Johansburg. He realized that Africa did not have the right culture for brainy kids to actualize their potential. EM is now a multi-billionaire in California. I already bought his companies, like I did with Steven Jobs before,  so I can be even wealthier at 90 than I am at 80. What does EM do? He plans to build a human colony on Mars, but that is not what will make me money. I am much more interested in free energy to run things on earth! Good luck to you, you smart devil! I feel that you read my posting and you got it!

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