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January 13, 2016

I taught Transformation and reversibility for 27 years in college and when I retired no one in my department took to it, why? May be psychologists don’t like to teach about the top 1% of the best ideas in the world lest they lose their credibility with the weird stuff. I don’t care.  It is a fact that people in general don’t like to talk about the top 10% of the information in their lives that could make a real difference. It looks weird.  This 10% Rule is mentioned in all my blogs and books (even in my case study how to reverse cancer, delivered at the University of Berlin last year!). People just stay away from what is important to know in their lives because it makes no sense, Period: Don’t ask me why deeper, I don’t really know. I am one of the very few lucky ones who seek out the 10% information that is on Google that no one else even looks at. That is how I cured my cancer with Dendritic cell therapy, that is how I have one of the most beautiful homes in Canada, top friends, 4 kids, a fantastic wife and top money. Yes, very few brave visitors go through my blogs to find the 5-6 articles on the 10% Rule. People just don’t believe anymore that the answer in just in front of them – on Google! And, if I told you that these rules come from Freud, Piaget and Skinner, you’d get turned off and won’t ever bother to read my blogs.

Transformation and reversibility is not just in the 10% Rule, it’s in the 1% Rule! Top of all tops info from the 25th century!! The rule was discovered by Dr. Piaget, the Father of European Education that no one listen to either. He asked a 6-year-old kid;

‘Jimmy, do you have a brother?”


“What’s his name?”


“Does Bill have a brother?”


Jimmy didn’t transform (reverse) yet. If you have a kid that would answer “yes” at age 4 to the above question, you have genius!  So, you see that if you master the 1% Rule concept you could apply it to anything you want to change big time! Take making money. You buy shares in a company like Apple that offer shares before they transform upward, that is, when the graph hits the support level 2-3 times and wouldn’t break down through (don’t try it before taking courses on Transformation and Reversibility). I know stupid people who buy shares when the price hit the resistance level trice and reverses downwards. Learn Transformation, you’ll be soooo happy and successful!

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