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This one is for the lucky ones who can find my NIAHS money blog

December 19, 2015

It’s about AAPL. Some of you bought a 1000 shares at $7.00 15 years ago and are now RRF (rich retired folks). Your strategy is to sell 100 shares every December and add about $100,000.00 to your retirement income. Smart guys! Look at the AAPL chart starting from today every day with one question, When should I sell? I have about 2 weeks to decide. Apple has reached its support level of $105.76 today.  That means that it may go up on Monday, but not by much although its resistance level is at $121.06. Why? Because its secondary resistance level is at $119.03. That means that it if Apple shares go up on Monday they may end at Friday’s daily range of $109.5. I’d wait a little longer. Why? Because of Christmas. The pessimist (sell) vs. Optimist (buy) mood for the last few days of the 2015 year will depend on what happens during the holiday, 1) The flight to see relative (smooth/ anxious), 2) Christmas period (joy/painful), 3) The relatives (enjoyable. anxious), 4) Did a good analysis of the stocks/or were too busy, 5) Needed to sell for tax reasons, 6) Dividends considerations, and 7) Investor personality excellence (IPE). This one is simply record of decision-making success in the past. Mine is 8/10. Any 7/10 is very good! Good luck, Merry Christmas, life is good (LG). Good news if you own an LG appliance, you may have the skill of selecting what works!

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