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Obama is soooo smart: It’s not global warming, stupid!

December 17, 2015

At first I tought president Obama was kidding, but then I thought that I got it. He was talking about Solar City that jumped 34% today. I got happy because I bought shares of Elon’s company last month, but then it became delusion. Obama was talking about carbon emission, stupid! At the end it was just a stupid president for 8 years, a kid who likes to play in Paris who doesn’t understand global priorities. Then, as a very successful investor, I realized the potential in Elon Mask in 2015 that I saw in Steven Jobs in 2000. You can call me a psycho-economist, may be that is why I can connect the incredible dots like I did when Steve reigned supreme. Can you imagine buying AAPL at $14, today it’s energy at $30. I won’t tell you what to really buy, why should I help you get lazy? I will tell you only an imaginary scenario. Carbon made energy died today, clean energy was born this morning. People don’t load because they just see a kid. It’s like when Google was born, people didn’t buy because they saw 2 kids. I bought Solar City because Elon Mask has a 200 IQ and a Type A personality, 2 factors out of 100 smart and rare traits that he brought from SA. His Solar City went up today by 34%, all the other 10 clean energy solar companies averaged 10% only. I am not even talking about Tesla or Space X. The guy is a genius. If you buy his stocks and you are not very smart yourself – you’d lose. This is not gambling game at all. This business of the future is too smart for a social simpleton like Obama. The Saudis are shifting from earthy energy to sun energy. Millions will starve because they don’t even understand what I’m talking about. The earth is changing from costly energy to free energy. 2016 will be like surfing, someone will catch the big Hawaiian Wave. The rest will play it safe with air pollution. Earth is losing the logic. A losing country will encourage savings and austerity like Japan did or the EU does now. A winning country will encourage investing from age 10 on and teach it RIGHT in school (because economists don’t design a  stupid curriculum anymore). It’s not a global warming, stupid, it’s your political orientation that matter to the standard of L! You don’t understand economics. I am talking to you, PhD’s from the University of Chicago! Change! Smith was wrong!

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