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How this rich investor make decisions that work!

October 28, 2015

A few books and investing magazines lately came out with views how to invest and make money big time. They are like the republican candidates during the debate, except for trump, People like to rehash old stuff that looks like new and believe it will work this time.. Take Bush, for example, he gets 4-5% of the voters just for talking. Look, these magazines and books on money have very little to offer because you have heard their ideas about making money before, all the same, so what else is new, you’d ask. Then Trump shows up and turn over the tables at the Temple like Jesus did. That is me. I am sorry to say that none of the books on investing except mine, in my opinion, make sense big time! But they are more interesting to read. Mine is work! I make sense to make money for me. It is expected that all companies that advertize a “system” how to advance financially do it for themselves trying to write in such a way that you would think it’s for you. They actually show graphs and rules that worked for them at about 10%.

How do you write to show smart people how to make money for themselves? First, you have to show that your income is not dependent on selling your ‘stuff.’ Second, You  have to see NEW rules, rules that are different from what you heard before, logic you never heard of, ideas that standard investors will reject, and so on. I wrote 2 books on money, new rules to try to follow and make money. Let me give you my first rule only for fun: Pick up a company in Wall Street that you feel for. Ignore the board completely. Study the founder CEO only, if you want him or her as your parent, mentor, main guide or best friend, that is your first pick. If he dominates the board, that is even better, If he is married and has kids, great wife and wonderful family, that is it!!!

I won’t give you more rules. If you are smart you will find your way to riches from here. If you are stupid you will continue to do what you did before believing that you have definitely changed! Good luck, Charley.

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