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America-nism and Europe-nism, a hell of a difference!

September 9, 2015

I just came back from presenting my research on cancer cure at the University of Berlin (Humboldt). I felt that I had to write an observation of the cost of my month trip in 5 European countries and 10 cities in Germany. Wow! everything I wrote in the first book of my 2 books on the psychology of making money hit “bull’s-eye.” My chapter called Americanism in which I explained why investing in America will make you a lot of money with very little risk than investing in Europe or China, India or anywhere else.

The cost of the hotel, food, transportation, travel and entertainment was higher in Europe than in America, Salaries in Europe are lower than in America, three times more Americans invest in Wall Street than Germans do – in any market. One bystander standing by a segment of the Berlin wall said, “We in Europe believe in Socialism, we don’t like Capitalism, we hope that your Wall Street in new York will soon come down like the Berlin Wall.” I looked around in 5 countries and 10 cities and asked, where is the dynamism that permeates the American experience?” Please don’t get me wrong, readers, most of the people I met in Europe for a whole month were sweet, friendly, engaging and very social, I felt love for them and I worried about their future and identity! They worked hard for very little money and most of their savings were deposited in bank accounts paying about 1% interest every 5 years or so! And those I talked to didn’t seem to care about their countries (except in Hungary). My God, Germans wanted the EU to succeed more than they wanted Germany to succeed! (and, they seem to care more about refugees than about their own lives). I concluded that the selfish Hitler experience of their grandparents in the 20th century created a generational reaction formation in their grandchildren! I pray for Germany and Europe!

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