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Ukraine film director Sentsov goes on trial in Russia

July 22, 2015

You would think why of all the important topics to cover this week I chose this obscure event in Russia? Well, let me tell you, its obscure alright but psychologically big and if you could understand it you’d understand the essence of all the political trials since the Dreyfus case in France in 1894. You see, film directors and news reporters process information in their brain differently from the rest of us. They tend to write favorably about the glorious values of “paternal authority” and “multiculturalism” and tend to be critical of any good sign of healthy “nationalism” or “libertarianism” in the public that reminds them of elements of Hitler’s “authoritarianism of the right.” They are awfully biased for the left in filming and reporting because they never “smell” the terrible damage done to society in this century’s “authoritarianism of the left.” So, any country where the left fights the right these reporters take side with the left against the right and end incarcerated in political trials of biased reporting! Do they harm the state? Yes, but only in the long run by brainwashing the minds of people against the blessings of liberty and capitalism, but they cannot recognize it because they really believe that they fight for justice through paternalistic income redistribution. It’s funny but pathetic that murderer Hitler was so bloody nationalistic in the last century that in this century you can do no wrong by being a “protective” leftist reporter. For Jews the situation is particularly pathetic. Most antisemitism in the past came from the right, but in this century it comes from those reporters who come from the left and can’t see that antisemitism has “shifted” to their own writings.

Ukrain film director Sentsov goes on trial in Russia, not because a tiny director could really harm Hugh mother Russia but because he couldn’t help himself not to be biased. If he lived in America or Israel the New York Times or Haaretz would have loved to hire him.

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