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Cities you would love to live in!

July 12, 2015

There aren’t many, why? Because you weren’t trained how to elect mayors and chiefs of police, the 2 individuals that can make a difference in your life in the cit (You know me, I always tell it like it is)… well…. that is why my posts could be more popular (for this post I should get more than the usual 3 responses). People don’t want to face what works because it doesn’t look right. That is why most of you are not wealthy. You tend to face only what you believe is your reality, when it isn’t your reality! Imagine a city where the mayor and chief of police are friendly to business. Do you think that if you move your business to that city you won’t experience residential prosperity? Sure you would. Then why won’t mayors and chief of police make the right decisions for prosperity for people? The answer: They were not elected because they showed that they know how to make best decisions. They were elected by a System 1 process, a system of making mistakes as described by a Dr. D. K., a Nobel price winner psychologist in 2002. Mayors and Police chiefs can’t change to better thinking, and most people don’t even know what I am talking about because our educational system doesn’t work either that well. The 10% of the people who were poor like me and are now rich are rich became because somehow they changed their thinking from conventional to out of the box, and that is a topic for another time. Dr. D. K.

Let the good times roll.

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