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Do you want to understand what happened to Greece?

July 5, 2015

A nation that created modern civilization and run an empire years ago can’t run its own affairs today, why? You may not like the truth but you will have to swallow it. The Greek people not lazy. They are hard-working but they have a bigger problem than laziness. The Greek people love multiculturalism and paternalism and hate nationalism and libertarianism. This troubled attitude in the Greek people is so strong that if you go around your friends and predict that they Greek people will vote to stay in the European Union at almost any cost your friends will think that you are a genius when it happens. The Greeks love to belong to a multicultural group like Europe. The Greeks love German paternalism. They will stay in the EU untill the end and learn to tolerate the low-level pain or torture of not being free like they once were free to do their own thing. Sad, the proud Greek nation lost their courage to be alone in the world. If you had to sum it up: Greece has a subliminal fear of independence and prefer to live with the illusion that it will all work out fine with good dose of politics of excitement!

As an afterthought: A new educational system could make Greece the envy of the world in 10 years!

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