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Freddie Gray: The psychology of injustice.

May 3, 2015

Actually this posting belongs in my psy. blog not my money blog, but I’ll leave it here. Freddie Gray died after being arrested by 6 police officers. The judicial system that will have to handle the officers had become compromised by president Obama who injected himself into the relationship between blacks and whites to get their votes (he got 95% of the black votes). One example, he said, “Trevor Martin could have been my son.”  That statement was not only stupid coming from a “uniting” president but also unconstitutional and psychologically provocative. Obama should have been impeached for lack of psychological insight by making this innocent statement because it induced blacks all over the country to “riot for presidential justice” ever since. Zimmerman was found not guilty in court and the 6 officers will also be found not guilty (or reduced charges) in court. Obama cost the American tax payers a lot of money and indirectly causes more young blacks to disobey the police and die at the hand of untrained police officers who don’t know how to handle disobedience. The relationship between the police and young blacks will improve on January 20, 2017 when an “objective” republican president takes over. I am a registered democrat, but I count the days that this manipulative “Chamberlain” Obama steps down and let the USA stature rise again!

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