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Greece is missing the point! So does Spain the the EU!

January 28, 2015

I am back from Vacation. Your patience is rewarded. This analysis is simple, good and true. you will understand the dummies in Europe! Since I spoke in Rome on behavioral economics, I was invited to present my study at a few more Universities. I refused. I decided to write my third book instead. Let will tell you the essence of my behavioral economics study here on my blog because after speaking at UCLA and at the university of Valencia where no gentle professor dared to challenge my views! I came to the realization that Spain (and now Greece) are stuck on scarcity thinking and austerity planning and I can’t shake them off!

Greece had 4 years of austerity imposed by the EU whose economists are experts on scarcity thinking and austerity programming. The poor Greeks just elected a government that is even more hot on austerity and scarcity! Here is why? The Universities in the EU graduate PhD’s in economists today (I didn’t find one that isn’t!) who believe that the economic problem of Greece and Span (and Ireland) stem from government spending too much borrowed and tax money!!  What I said 2 years ago at the University of Valencia, Spain was, “Your unemployment is high because you spend too little of the EU loans and your tax revenues on the right programs and too much on the wrong programs!  No professor in any room at any University that I spoke asked me to explain, no one did! That means only one thing…that the economists in the lecture halls knew that their entitlements and paternalistic programs would be attacked by me! They glance at my outline and saw, “Dr. Kinarthy wants the Spanish government to take a loan and open 50 community colleges like the ones in California where I come from! Bingo! No paternalism, no entitlements, just great training in needed occupations for 10 million folks!


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