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God is an insurance broker!

November 20, 2014

God is not just the best insurance broker, God is the best broker of everything under the sun since the big bang. I know it because I asked Him and He said, “Elior, I am happy you talk to me directly, everyone else talk to me through a middleman, a spiritual broker who tells them what to say. I hate that.” I just saw a TV commercial by the Association of Insurance Brokers. The commercial did not explain how important is the CONCEPT of brokerage (that is my job). These folks that paid for the commercial are the professionals who for a small fee will find for you the best insurance plan for the money based on your protection needs. Not bad, ah? They plug your data into their computer and the bot finds for you the program they think you need. Simple? Then why am I making the fuss over brokerage services, all the way to God!

Here are the rules you need to get sophisticated and improve your life tremendously:

1. Everything in your life can be obtained directly by you or indirectly though a broker (middleman). I was a college professor of psychology, not an investor, when my dad passed away in 1991 and left me a small mutual fund account at Morgan Stanley brokerage. A broker handled my money-making at about 5% per year profit (minus a fee). I had to untill I learned to buy and sell shares myself and pocket about 25% per year (without a fee) every year! Conceptually, I moved from indirect behavior to direct behavior . 65% of the investors in the US and 75% of the investors in Canada use a middleman to invest and never move to direct investing behavior. Like with purchasing insurance or anything else they either don’t have the time to study the market, are bored by the topic, or they are not smart enough to do as well as a broker does.

2. Everything in your life can be obtained directly by you or indirectly though a broker (middleman). I  mean everything, get it? Everything! There is no stigma to it except that most people who do everything in life indirectly through a broker would think you are nuts.. “What do you mean God talks to you directly without a middleman? Don’t you need a rabbi, priest or minister to get through to Jesus or Moses?” What do you mean you cured your cancer? What does your oncologist say?” (“He said I was lucky.”). My friend said, “I know your wife, she is beautiful, how did you find her directly without any help? No problem, I administered a compatibility test called the EPPS to 500 women and she came 96% compatible with my personality” You are serious, aren’t you? Jesus, can anyone “dial a life” for himself without a middle man to broker things?

Yes, you can, but my advice to you is don’t! Don’t even try direct living unless you have a passion to be 100% independent, you believe in yourself 100%, you have all the time, you are self actualized, a maverick dude and you get a big kick out of carving your own path while people are looking. I hear my friends and family say repeatedly, “Elior, her is the luckiest crazy son of a gun.”


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