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Maligning Steven Jobs.

August 14, 2014

The issue the federal judge had to decide was: Did Steven Jobs when he was the CEO of Apple had the legal right to add a condition in his hiring contract with new employees that basically stated: Being employed by Apple you will acquire the secrets of Apple technology that other companies may try to buy or get by other means from you. Do you agree under oath not to sell, give away or use yourself in forming a future company any of the secrets of Apple technology that you had learned about while employed by Apple?

The Federal judge decided that Steven Jobs had no legal grounds to restrict his employees when they move on to other companies or form their own company from selling or using Apple secrets. What is your judgment? I think the judge was wrong. He should have declared a 30 year statue of limitation on Apple secrets unless the parties signed a different agreement that superceded the 30 years statue of limitation. I am a psychologist and I hate to think that I am smarter than attorneys. What do you think?

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