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The financing of air disasters.

July 18, 2014

Any psychologist who is not too clinical will tell you that behavior is regulated by its consequences. If you buy a car and insure the driver and his passengers for $100 million in case there is an accidental death, you are manipulating the driver’s awareness threshold. You are invariably increasing his unconscious probability negligent driving behavioral that may end with such a fatal accident.

When the Malaysian airplane Boeing 777 flight 370 disappeared without a trace (probably a suicide 90 degrees smooth deep diving plunge that leaves no trace for years) the insurance co. paid the airline company much more money than the financial worth of the plane (air disasters are good investment). Considering that the airline in required by law to pay only a small amount of that money to the relatives of the dead passengers, the “blood profit” for the airline company remains a Hugh amount. Behavior is regulated by its consequences. Please don’t be stupidly sentimental about it, the human unconscious is very old and cold. Behavior will be regulated by the unconscious mind regardless of the pain and misery to people. Think, if you are a woman driver in love and you say to your friend for a year now, “I am dying to meet that handsome paramedic,” you are increasing the probability of a fatal car accident. My friend who started a new business a year ago repeated, “I may lose my business if I am not careful.” He did. Freud said about the unconscious, “This beast in the cellar of life is 4 times stronger than conscious awareness!

Another Malaysian airplane just crashed with 290 passengers dead! Please don’t go into all kinds of logical, mundane explanations.  Remember, these are human lives at take, not just your relationships, personal health or business. Hey, you want to be really smart, review all your behaviors and their consequences for a month. Don’t be stupid enough to challenge reality. Don’t expect good consequences from bad behavior, don’t expect bad consequences from good behavior, expect bad consequences from bad behavior and expect good consequences from good behavior. The mind hates this “stuff” so be careful when you decide what is good or bad behavior for you. Making rewarding decisions in life is the name of the game!

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