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Advertising Will Be an Amazon Jungle.

June 21, 2014

The winning companies will be:

FIND the ONLY AD that COUNTS for more than 5%:  A rare system engineer somewhere  is ready to design a unique advertising platform, really unique in the field. The way it is happening now most companies are not getting it. For example, Yahoo uses a buckshot approach. CEO Mayer recently hired 50 engineers with the hope that one of them or the group will  figure out how not to design a garden variety advertising. They will probably end up doing what every one else is trying to do – find their niche that others don’t use! Would that work for Yahoo or Twitter (it tries the same thing)? Yes, finding niches work for everyone.  Most viable companies that rely on advertising for revenue find their niche. Niche advertising is the substance of the jungle of platforms, each ordinary app is good enough for up to 5% revenue of the market of advertising. Salaries stay good but not great.

What would Apple Co. or CEO Steven Jobs do in an advertising field that is becoming a jungle of niches? Would Gates, Jobs or Besos be breaking  their CEO back like Costolo does for a 4% advertising revenue? Steve would probably switch to behavioral advertising. Besos will probably switch to psychological advertising in his Washington Post. Zuckerberg has already switched to optimal use of technology, only the best apps will do, not the apps that the garden variety engineers think are the best. Steve will probably call Zuckerberg to talk. The best social media are the only vehicle for reaching 6 billion customers!  Steve will do it right, the rest of the CEO’s, including Mayer, will  probably navigate the Amazon jungle of niches of advertising that is now forming. Good luck Marissa, there are signs that with your dynamic personality and Google training you may have a chance to rise up to  the 10% of CEO’s who are conscious enough to be able to generate more revenue from advertising than the 5% of the Apple pie! Read this piece!

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