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Twitter Twisted graph: Support, Resistance and Reversibility.

May 25, 2014

The hunt for the illusive Piagetian Reversibility is fascinating.  The November IPO of $26 doesn’t show up in the SM(may show up as significant next year), trading in the Secondary Market (SM) started at $38 and climbed to $75. The crazy Mount Everest type climb ended by mid January 75 with a deadly avalanche. Climbing without training, no income no support is amateurish. All the short righted climbers (investors who don’t read my blogs) who love the mountain dearly like it was an Apple tree, died in the avalanche by mid May when the snow melted. The survivors don’t give up. They worship a Temple of melting snow creating a stupid ritual of that plunge that includes 4 Resistances and 4 Support levels! My God! It’s a kindergarten!

I call my broker, “Please put an order to buy 500 shares of Twitter at $26.”

“What’s your reasoning?”

“Piaget said that a support level that comes with genetic cognitive brain power may lead to Reversibility.” I joked, “Remember, Twitter is a riddle. I do not recommend anyone to follow my line of convoluted thinking without a different training.” “Yes, like a 4-year-old who has one brother and says, “No, my brother doesn’t have a brother.” (Don’t invest if you can’t reverse).

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