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TWTR can become a gold mine for patient investors.

April 11, 2014

A few of my readers are determined to be millionaires, especially in India. You bought my two books on the psychology of investing and started by practicing the mock trials. You took the tests at the end of book one and earned at least a B grade. You are what Dan Sullivan, the guy I talked about at the University of Rome, calls the abundance seekers. The rest of you are the austerity handlers. The differences in the psychology of these 2 groups of investors is huge. The AH people, instead of getting the books and starting the process of learning how to become a millionaire accumulator of funds you are more concerned with “I don’t have the money to invest.” (austerity handlers). This posting is for the Abundance seekers (AS).

Go to my previous postings on Twitter and see my prediction that it will slide in time from its hight of $70 per share to its IPO state of $38 per share and below. TWTR is today at $41 per share and sliding. Don’t buy yet. Plug Twitter into your mock trial and wait. It may take a year to decide what to do (buy more mock or sell). Some of you may need 2 years of mock trials before you learn how to pick up the right stock with least risk, how many shares to buy, when to buy the and when to sell them. The process is called BLASH. If you don’t know what it means you are not doing the process. To become a millionaire is relatively easy but you have to do the “works,” (Kahneman, the Nobel price winner, 2002, calls most investors “lazy.”). Master his System 2 thinking to help yourself.  My program as listed in my 2 books is only a viable plan for people who are not lazy.. All the other books in the market how to get rich read well for passive readers but they don’t deliver (similar to weight control books). The secret of becoming a millionaire (or lose weight) is in learning how to make decisions that work with minimum risk! Go for it only if you can follow instructions 100% for 2 years!

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